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Help me a tuttorials to creat a new font and import it into game using unreal engine

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    Help me a tuttorials to creat a new font and import it into game using unreal engine

    Hello everyone.

    I'm trying to translate Deadlight game in to my language - Vietnamese. I've found files contain in-game texts quite easily in localization/int
    But the problem is that I cant find the files contain fonts for diary, menus and subtitles so that I can modify it.
    So I want to create my own font and use it, because in Vietnamese there are so many characters do not exsist in English.

    I've searched the internet for some tuttorials but I dont understand them so much, none of them guide me detailly about how to create my own font (characters' size, spacing...), how to import it into game, and how to make the game display that font.

    I hope you guys can write/make a video to guide me please.

    Sorry for my poor English. Thanks alot

    Hello James, (your English is great)
    I do not have any personal experience creating new fonts or importing / integrating them into UT2004 (and I have never played Deadlight), but these two webpages on Epic's Unreal Developer Network - Two (UDN-Two) might help you accomplish your goal. They are specific to the Unreal Engine 2 (used for UT2004):
    1. Localization Reference
    2. Font Tutorial

    It looks like the fonts in UT2004 and UT2003 were kept in separate texture (.utx) files (2k4fonts.utx, 2k4fonts_kot.utx (korean?), UT2003Fonts.utx, UT2003Fonts_tmt.utx, UT2003Fonts_smt.utx etc.). For UT2004, it appears that the various files in the UT2004/System folder actually specify which .utx texture package and internal file should be used ( (for english) has an entry for [fntUT2k4Small]
    FontArrayNames=("2K4Fonts.FontSmallText","2K4Fonts .Verdana8","2K4Fonts.Verdana10","2K4Fonts.Verdana1 2","2K4Fonts.Verdana14") for example)

    For Deadlight, assuming the game came with a map editor, or a version of UCC.exe (usually in the game's 'System' folder) you should be able to generate the texture maps following the explanation here (I've never tested this though so I don't actually know if it would work), and if Deadlight used a similar format to UT2004 there should be a file that lists the font texture maps to be used.

    If Deadlight uses the UT3 version of the engine then this page might be more helpful.


      Thanks @Meowcat for your support. But may i ask this please:
      I've read the page ImportingFonts you gave me, and also installed UDK to try. But after all, my final result is a .tga file, but in a Korean patch for this game, when I unpack their .upk file, the font were .textured2D format.

      It's kinda hard to explain here. May I have your e-mail address please? I will send you the Korean patch I tried, and hope you can guide me to create my Vietnamese font like that?