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UDK Experiences From you and School/ Help with unCodex

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    UDK Experiences From you and School/ Help with unCodex

    Hello guys i am new to UDK and Unreal Script, I just wanted to ask couple of questions, i am entering my first year of High school and i really want to learn UC and make my first game ever, i am 17 years old and you think UC would back me off my studies? i just want to know about your experience guys as gaming developers and when did you guys actually start making games and study them?

    also there is a questions that wouldn't fit here

    My Uncodex doesn't seem to want to scan my files at all i tried re-installing and removing all the files, i tried going to settings and putting in the path but it doesn't ask for an option to scan.

    UDK stuff doesn't belong here, but UnCodeX stuff does: try menu Tree -> Rebuild and Analyze. Keep in mind UnCodeX expects the base source folder, not a package folder. If your .uc files are located in D:\Foo\Bar\Classes\*.uc, UnCodeX expects D:\Foo as source folder.