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Will be getting this 2mahrow, read why!!

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  • Will be getting this 2mahrow, read why!!

    Hi today i bought Counter Strike intent on playing it, even though i wanted UT2K3 more. I had to install a 115 mb update on my dial up, 10 hours and rising...., I am returning it for this, but I want to know after the retail update which im downloading now for 12mb will i have to install any other patches to play a game on a server?
    My friend said no i don't, Please give me tips.


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    After you install the latest patch, you don't absolutely HAVE to download anything else. When you join a game, it will start downloading the files automatically. I wouldn't reccommend doing this on Dial-up though. Go to a good UT2003 maps site and download a few of the most popular ones, that should get you started.


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      But my question is, Will these files take like forever? will they be like 100mb files? i just wanna game thats all kill some dudes in cali or sunthin,lol


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        Well, depending on the speed of your connection, it can take a while, a long time, or a really long time.
        It also depends on the server you play on. I've downloaded the same map from two servers before and one finished faster than the other. Go Figure.
        No, the files shouldn't be 100 Megs. Three to five digit KB sizes are the usual.
        I have ADSL, by the way, so stuff usually doesn't take that long.

        I heard that microsoft has too much money. Maybe they can use it to give people around the world broadband connections. :bulb:


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          2225 patch

          :bulb: Ho man, I downloaded the 2225 patch for ut2k3 and it took 2 hr and 5 min. on a 56k dial up.:down:

          there is another patch with 10 new maps, 3 new game modes and a lot of other stuff I want to get it but it's 140 some odd megs

          They should offer that stuff on CD!


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            UT2k4 is coming out pretty soon. IMO, you should save yourself the trouble of having to download more patches and just get 2k4....
            Unless you don't want to wait another second, or don't want ut2k4 (which is absurd).


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              check out the free discs that come with games magazines - I know of a couple in the UK that regularly contain the latest patches and mods/maps.


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                i would recommend using ftp to get the files, not the udp that ut2003 servers use to transfer maps, texs, etc.
                Those servers are already using up alot of their bandwidth hosting the game, while ftp servers at places like faster files are designed to get you files faster