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Lan or online play with my brother.

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  • Lan or online play with my brother.


    I have UT2004, same copy installed on his computer too. I just don't know how I can play with my brother who is on an another network. He is about 15 meters away, we both have different routers connecting to different ISPs. I'm a complete beginner is network play.


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    If you have 2 differents routers and different IP, one of you could be in the moon, that would be the same.

    For 15 m, you shoud buy a cable of 20 m (or 15 m as you wish). Cost 15 € max.
    After you could use the Lan. But you ll play only with your brother.

    But, i you are in the same router but 2 different IP (that is normal). Use the Lan. On of you creat a server with your IP. The other can connect if he know your IP.


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      If they both have the same copy, with the same license key, won't that prevent them from playing each other?


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        you can still play a lan game with the same copy of ut2004


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          If they use one copy of the game, they will not be able to play.


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            Originally posted by maptoboggan View Post
            If they use one copy of the game, they will not be able to play.
            Hmm? I'm pretty sure they can, if it's on LAN. Starting local netgames works just fine, after all.


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              yes they can sometimes for awhile and sometimes it will boot you


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                How? The kicking is done by the server, and in this case the client and server are using the same key. It's like the server was to kick itself. The master server could do that, but there is no master server on LAN.