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    Thanks for the tips but...

    seriously? How many players would be capable enough and motivated enough to jump through those hoops? MapMixer is harmless, its "signature" hasn't changed in recent years due to versioning, yet AntiTCC author neglected (across several years) to whitelist this valuable mod.

    Same case as with several other harmless, well-known mods, I've been wrongfully kicked by AntiTCC due to presence of the packages on my drive (not anything currently loaded, nothing used earlier in the same gaming session). In the case of MapMixer, I believe the alert stated "insecure or unknown interface class". Another "false positive", one that caused me a lot of aggravation and required "way more research than the average player would be willing to bother with": After visiting serverA, which is a multigame server an shoves all sorts of redirect packages at you "just in case"... when joining other servers afterward, AntiTCC *****es about finding "TeamRadar" (in the cache, apparently). Again, not only was the package not loaded, it was a package which had NEVER been loaded, one that I didn't even realize was present!

    So, in the context of this thread, for the benefit of any new player who might decide to install MapMixer... I'm just pointing out it's probably going to be "more trouble than its worth", likely to cause frustration when they join netservers.


      If you're going to play online, you just have to create a new vanilla install. There is really no other way. One of the mods you install is bound to make anticheats suspicious anyway.

      Also, if you want themed matches, that's what the bot config of MapMixer does - you play against factions.

      Speaking of which, another very useful mod is Species Stats Plus. When configured correctly, it makes each species unique. That adds realism, because juggernauts' armour finally makes sense.


        Does one of you have a link for mapmixer? I can't find it anywhere.


 or http://unrealtournament2004.filefron...MapMixer;50716

          Apparently sinx's website is down.