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    on the demo file you name says yourself so i assumed you were the same yourself who comes in to the ffa server umgleague at times.


      I have been to umgleague several times. You can see the name "UnrealGrrl2009" written on it a few months back before my stuff was vandalized. Idk if it's still there though.

      Speaking of my name "UnrealGrrl2009", it used to be my username here on the forum and I asked for it to be changed. However, in UT2004 and in UT3 my online name is "UnrealGrrl2009", I can't remove it or I'll lose all my favorites and all my friends from my friend list.


        I heard rumors that you can actually rename it, didn't try it though...
        It's making me mad that "Sly." was already taken
        *sigh* In all the time I spent playing UT3 I've never seen this "fake Sly." (everybody knows I'm the only Sly. ). After a year of inactivity they should remove accounts. I want my real username as my Gamespy account!

        At least UT2004 doesn't have Gamespy and you can change your name or even have "duplicates". It would have been awful for me if I couldn't choose Sly. in UT2004 either


          Originally posted by maximdymok View Post
          Weird, I just played a few matches on Masterful in UT99 and won 3/4 of them... DM-Liandri was the only one where I lost. Then I played UT2004 on Rankin, Curse4, and Deck17 on Masterful and lost all of the matches. So I guess either bots are smarter in 2004 or Im not used to the maps. What's up with that?
          The biggest difference I noticed in UT2004 is that bots always see you, no matter where you are. For example, if you are in the "main room" in DM-Deck17 on top of those pipes at the ceiling, the bots will see you the second they walk into the room.

          As to how to improve your skill, the best way I've found is to play against bots one level higher than you. So if you can play at Masterful without too much trouble you should change the skill level to Inhuman. If you keep playing on a skill level you can easily beat, you won't improve yourself.

          And don't forget: have fun. That's what it's all about.


            the name here on the forum is the same i use in ut04. the rest are listed under the sig spot

            i tried the name change trick for ut3 it is possible bc all you do is edit your gamespyid name ( trick used to change your name in the cnc generals games so you didnt lose your rank to make a new account ). the problem is it doesnt work its make the name invalid in ut3


              I don't really get it. My nick in GameSpy and in game is the same, but I don't see why they should prevent you from changing it. You can also add tags and such freely.


                maximdymok, it seems I may suck more online than you.


                  Another thing to keep in mind about Rankin only servers is that many of the players there (not all) do nothing but play Rankin all the time, and they've been doing it for many years. Many times if you play them on another level you will do better because they do not know every in and out of other levels like they do Rankin. So if you can, find DM servers where other levels are played. That is not the easiest thing to find these days, but they are out there.


                    Everyone has to go through this phase when starting to play online. Bots walk in straight lines and basically only dodge if they're fighting someone. Makes them easy to catch off guard. They're stupid.

                    My suggestion: Spend a few weeks playing nothing but 1on1 matches with weapon stay off. Since there is only one other guy running around the map you can focus more on movement, setting up shock combos and timing shields. Start with a godlike bot. They have good aim but you can counter that by making sure he never gets a lightning gun or shock rifle by picking them up yourself. Then just keep your distance and keep picking up the 100 armor and it should be easy to beat.

                    When you can comfortably beat a godlike bot you'll have the basic strategy down. Now go online and play against a human player. You'll lose badly at first but don't let that discourage you. After the match, go into spectator mode and watch that same guy beat someone else. See what he does to beat his opponents. Then imitate and innovate.

                    Also, if you can't hit a shock combo without standing still or moving in a straight line, that's a good sign that you have set your mouse to be too sensitive. Go to the Input section in Game Settings and lower the number listed at Mouse Sensitivity.

                    If you're in Europe I wouldn't mind showing you a few things in a duel server. I'm not a pro level player but I could tell you what you need to work on to improve.


                      My advice would be, training. Training in TAM to increase your dodging and aiming skills, training in iCTF to increase your tactical and dodging skills, training in Onslaught to increase your tactical skills and training in invasion to increase your defensive skills. Think those are all. Keep in mind that you are playing for fun!


                        hi, maximdymok

                        i played with a turbo'd godlike bot on rankin just for you ---> <---

                        well tbh i dont rly played seriously ( and DD was in, and 4 granade on respawn insted of 1 etc = wasnt totally official but it wasnt my porpuse anyway now ) and mostly i didn't used out the dumpness of any bots so i tried to play to show some tactics against them - which mostly works against humans as well its all about timing; when u shot & where u shot

                        i could also just bacwarding and standcombo only so i wouldnt even died but that wouldn't be good for watching nor working against real oppos since against humans theres soo many tactics in duel and soo many situation that u need to learn how to handle that there would be no end of my writing here its all about practice, practice and practice AGAINST real oppos online

                        and/or you could spec/play other players around in the interweb:
                        ut2004:// <--- u might find better oppos here where u can learn something new every day, hf

                        oh and
                        Originally posted by Infernus. View Post
                        My advice would be, training. Training in TAM to
                        i STRONGLY dis-advise playing tam, if something that destroys the skill, just play 1on1, pickup 2on2/4on4 tdm, and FFA DM if theres any servers* left with that mod
                        *with avg skill level on it