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    Unreal Editor 2 (shortform is "UEd2") is the mapping editor used for the first UT (often called UT99). You can find it in the "System" folder of your UT installation.
    UEd1 has been used for the very first Unreal, UT's forerunner, and UEd3 is the editor for UT2004. All of them can be found in the System folder of the installations (Name of Unreal (Tournament) game/System/UnrealEd.exe or similar names).

    PS: Usually people use "UE" as the shortform for Unreal Engine. To not confuse this with the Unreal Editor they call the editor "UEd".

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    unreal editor 2

    Hi, can someone tell me where I can find unreal editor 2? I've only found UE3. I appreciate any help.