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Ressourcefull Links - Newbs Drop By! Last Update : May 2, 9:25 AM

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    I kinda wanta be trained in the Training center thing how would i contact someone about that?


      Try here:


        A link to extreme admin commands

        Hi i searched thru ure links, and also on atari forums but i cant find a link to all the online admin commands... like i know all the boring ones, but i wanna know like the spawn different vehicles. and change body size etc.

        dont send me to a link with things like 'statfps' lol cuz if i see that one more time im gonna scream.

        i kno only the admin setxweapons.supershockrifle firemode class' ... etc etc.. redeemerfire'

        which changes the instagib gun to redeemer fire...

        but i kinda forget the like changing player sizes and summon mad vehicles..

        need some helps.. cuz i wanna mess around with some of my mates on the levels ive created.....CHEERS!


          These links are awesome. Thanks for your share.