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Install UT 2004 Demo version on Linux

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  • Install UT 2004 Demo version on Linux

    hello, everybody !!

    I need you're help !!!!!

    I have just Download the demo OF UT2004 for linux, and my problem is to know how to install it on my pc and how to play !!!! I'm beginner in linux and i have linux mandrake 9.2 and the file is

    and i don't know how ton install it !!! I've launch the program fro unzip bz files but it don't work !!!!

    Sorry for my english and mistakes !!! but i'm french !

    I hope U have understand ....



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    Hi there, or should I say Bonjour!

    I don't run mandrake, but most of this might be the same.

    The command "file" is very helpful. It tells you what kind of file it is by looking at the header, not the filename. So, run


    in a terminal, and the chances are that you will get something about bzip encoding. So, run

    "bunzip !$"

    to extract the installer. Of course, you can always do a

    "mkdir ut2004demo;mv ut2004demo;cd ut2004demo;bunzip"

    to keep your home directory clean (if that's where you downloaded it).

    Anyways, after you have everything extracted, it's time to run the installer. You most likely will have something like "" at wherever you are. Now, do a "ls -l ut2...." to see if the file has execute permissions (if there's an 'x' by 'r's and 'w's). If it doesn't, try "chmod +x ut2...." and then execute it. If it does, just execute it. You do that by "./ut2...", not "ut2..."; you need to let the shell know that you want the executable in your current working directory (cwd) by the "./".

    I hope I clarified some things. If not, let me know. Bon chance!



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      did you ever get ut installed and working. Greg A. Did a good job explaining things but I'm an expienced linux user and I had trouble.


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        Sorry if I was going too slowly; your first post said that you were new to linux. Yes, I have ut running on my linux box, and quite well I might add. Perhaps you could tell me what "file" and your extractor are telling you; that would help me help you.

        Just off the top of my head, do you have the right permissions on the file and as the user installing it?

        Saying simply that it doesn't work, as you must understand, being a now-experianced linux user, could end up being a myriad of things. Clarification would be most welcome.



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          Greg I'm a new poster to this thred . Im sorry for the confusion but I was asking geronimo62 if he had gottn ut2k4 working.


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            lol! Oh, man, I feel like such a dork!
            Must've been the avatar (or lack thereof) that got me. Sorry to all.


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              There is no documentation or readme with this game?

              I extracted tar.bz2, but I have not a clue of how to start the server. Btw, the command to extract a tar.bz2 is:

              bzip2 -cd ut2k4.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

              There is no file called 'DM-Rankin.ut2', and there is no such command called 'ucc'. Help? :cry:


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                hi !!

                thx for you're help ...

                I find the solution about 1 hours after my post ... Sorry if i haven't said you before !!

                Greg, thx for you're help, i've understand some installation process with you're post !!!

                In fact I have launch gunzip and after launch ./install ut20... ut2k4 and then ./ut2k4 and the installation process have begun !!! I've had some problem with my graphical card but now it's OK ...


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                  after you bunzip the tarball you should be left with a .run file (.run means absulutly nuthing) That file is however a BASH script for starting a graphical instlation program.

                  in the directory where you bunziped the demo file type this

                  bash ./

                  that will start the script and at that point just follow the instructions.

                  ps a simpler way to extract a file is with tis

                  tar jxvf (the j tells tar to run bunzip)


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                    I downloaded a tar.bz2, and when I extracted it, it gave me about 7 folders, and no .run file. Did i download the wrong file? What file (link please) are you using?


                    • #11
                      This is the Demo SERVER for linux


                      This is the Demo CLIENT (to play the game on Linux)


                      the server file has now installation you just extract it and start the server. The client file will extract to a .run file.


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                        - edit -

                        Never mind, I found it. It's in the System directory (the one that was extracted)


                        • #13
                          It sounds like you downloaded the server file. Did you want to offer a dedicated server or did you want to PLAY the game?

                          if you want to play the game you need the




                          • #14
                            I wanted to run a dedicated linux server.


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