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FlaK SPammer's Guide to Agility and Manuevers

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    FlaK SPammer's Guide to Agility and Manuevers

    In deck 17, remember that double damage on top of the crate where the shock rifle pickup is that seems nearly impossible to get? well, drop the ol' shieldgunning yourself and wasting precious health. Other ways are the jumping from higher platforms. Waste of time getting there someone else is probably going to take it before you. In this guide, I will teach you several Agile manuevers used to get to places and give you extra time to get to that powerup before your opponents do or the fastest way to regroup with your team which is vital in team deathmatch. Let's begin

    Dodge Jumping: One of my favorite manuevers. The Dodge Jump is a fast way to get to places when there's no walls. Be careful not to accidently doing adrenaline combos. If so, then only dodge jump left if you wanna be on the safe side. You can do this by doing a regular dodge then right when you're in the air, press air and you should get an extra boost. Perfect when racing toward the super shield. Plus, in Rankin, there's this spot that you can only dodge jump to. It's a hotspot for campers so when you're going there, make sure to grab your flak cannon cause it's a tight fit in there.

    Wall Dodge: You probably know this. Many people find wall dodge useless. I disagree. Not only it makes you look cool to wow the noobs, but you actually go faster when dodging making it useful for shaking off minigun wores then landing right next to them with a flak. This really shines on Hyperblast2 where you'll find that Wall Dodging will save your butt most of the times. In Deck 17, one of the ways to get the double damage is wall dodge.

    Pop Dodge: When you're going to wall dodge, jumping is much more predictable and will often result in them hitting you before you go off the wall. Pop Dodging is much more impulsive and unpredictable. This is done by when you're near a wall and dodging into the direction the wall is for example: if a wall is close to you on the right, dodge right. In Rankin, this is what you need to do to use the ramps to get to places faster. Mastering this = success in Rankin. But of course, you need to know how to control the shields as well.

    Cat's Burgalar: Finally we're getting somewhere. The Cat's Burgalar is one of the most advanced manuevers ever. Mastering this will make you a pro in no time. Cat's Burgalar will not only make you look cool, but reach certain powerups, when there isn't a wall to dodge off of. This is vital in Deck 17, Hot Iron Injector, Rankin, and other maps that are like a complex maze. Serpentine doesn't count. The Cat's Burgalar is performed by going in mid-air and doing a wall jump going horrizontaly while barley moving away from the wall. Try to get an angle that lets you go the least off the wall.

    That "walldodge parallel to the wall trick" is pretty hard to do. But it does get you more distance after you've landed from a dodge jump, since you can't dodge again for a second. May as well spend that second jumping on the wall.

    Getting the Double Damage on Deck is as easy as walldodging off the nearby box.


      Oh and i have more.

      Wall Dodge Jump: pretty much when you wall dodge but only jump once when jumping to the wall then saving the 2nd jump for giving you an extra boost. This is really helpful when you learn the Cat Burgalar.

      Core Jump: You need a shock rifle for this one so get one before you do it. Core Jumping is when you shoot a shock core at the ground where you are then jumping at the same time. Same thing as the shield gun jump except you take less damage doing this at the cost of giving you less higher jumps.

      Shield Jump: taking the shield gun and jumping while the same time you fire. The more you charge it, the higher you'll go but the more damage you take. If you have a lot of health, I'd prefer this then the Core Jump. Plus you need to waste precious Shock Rifle ammo which i'd rather safe for shock comboing someone in the face .

      Elevator Jump: How could I have forgot this?!?!?!? . Elevator Jumps are when you're going up an elevator and right when the elevator reaches its peak, jump and you'll get a huge boost. You take no damage in the act unless you miss the place you're trying to reach and fall because you go pretty darn high with this thing. Plus, you still have another jump left to get another boost and a dodge so you can go even farther . In Rankin, there's a secret camping place you got to get to that involves elevator jumping. Camper!

      Always Jump when using a spammy weapon: Spammy weapons include: Rocket Launcher, Flak Cannon, Shock Rifle ( if you got good aim) Bio-Rifle, and the king of all spammy weapons, Minigun!!. Due to their ammo capacity and the high chances of you hitting them, ( They have the word spam in there for a reason) you should take advantage of that and make you a hard target as well is you quickly chipping off somebody's health. Even noobs should do this because Minigun is the easiest weapon to aim with. When you fire it it's a guarentee at least 10 bullets will hit. When your aim gets better, you could even try jumping around with lightning gun or sniper rifle and if your aim is REALLY good, you can get a headshot or from luck. It's worth getting in the habbit of jumping around while fighting. ( I learned it the hard way you don't wanna follow my path.)

      Know the map: It's the biggest advantage anyone can have no matter what their skill is. Know where the powerups are and the fastest locations to get to them and where to run when you have low health. Someone who is a master of speed and agility is still going to get to places slower then someone who knows the map. (Even if he doesn't know how to dodge NOOB!). Best way to do this is to frequently play the map. If you play the map 3 times every day and for a week, you'll definetly be able to know the map. If you know all the maps and you're pretty good at the Cat Burgalar, you'll dominate noobs.


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          I like your tips Thanks for sharing