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    n00b questions...

    1). How the hell do i make that flying contraption (raptor) in Onslaught go *UP*? I know "c" makes it go down, but i wanna go up.

    2). Why cant i hit **** with the sniper? I can clearly zoom in on fools in the hills (in Onslaught again ) but cant hit them, yet they can hit me with that other **** laser weapon.

    3). How do i tell who has a "missle lock" on me?

    [edit] please tell me there are other guys out there whos girlfriends freaked out/bailed on/dumped and as a result UT2004 demo is a keen replacement
    BTW, in my case she nearly go in an accident last night and is now "freaked out" Whatever, says i... [/edit]

    1. Use whatever key you have bound for Jump, <space> by default.

    2. If they're moving, then you've gotta lead em just a touch, you get a feel for it, in time. If they're not moving, hmm, dunno.

    3. You can't, except to look for the smoke trail of the incoming missile, that is if you're either a) too stupid to run for cover or b) unfortunately stuck out in the open.

    Can't help you on the last point, my wife's sticking in for the long-haul it seems, even with my best efforts of ignoring her while i go for one last node.