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UT2004: how to give voice orders to bots

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    UT2004: how to give voice orders to bots

    You need to install Microsoft Speech (68 MB )

    After installing, go to "speech" in the Windows Control Panel and configure it to recognize your voice.

    In UT2004, activate Voice Chat in the audio section.

    Also, configure a button for mic activation (or was it called voice chat activation, can't remember).

    Fire up an instant action game. Press F1 to see which bot has wich "name" (bravo, charlie, etc). Press the mic activation button and say things like "Charlie, cover me", "Bravo, Attack" (more in manual). They do it!!! It's soooo cool!

    cool i will try it!

    i also read that this feature ships with office xp English(USA), Chinese and Japan.

    maybe you can post this in the troubleshoot forums, because the beginner discussion is less visited i think.


      yo ho hello there

      can ya tell me how configure this ****y proggi. I have no idea at all how to do it. Whatever i say, the proggram cant recognize it.
      Help is greatly appreciated

      hope for some answers