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How Much of A Factor Are Gfx Cards & Processors?

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    How Much of A Factor Are Gfx Cards & Processors?

    I have a 1MB connection, MSI Nvidia 64MB Gfx card and Atholon XP2000 Processor with 512DDR Ram. When playing on servers against opponents with lower ping counts they run circles around me. Is this entirely down to the ping? If two opponents have an equal ping how much of a factor is processor speed and the graphics card?

    From what I've experienced so far I can tell you server lag does some strange things. Server lag has been causing a lot of warping of players. I know this isn't graphics lag because it only happens when there are a lot of players in game and all of them experience the same problems. Try a few different servers (gamespy servers are **** near lag free) and see if one fixes your problem.

    The engine in this game is simply awesome. Smooth graphics on my older card and **** nice graphics too.

    My system specs are:

    Cable modem, Pentium 4 2.6gig, Nvidia GF3, 1gig RAM


      gfx and processors make no difference to your online ping,
      thats down to your connection speed.
      if you both had same system, 1 with 30 ping and the other
      with 100 ping the advantage goes to 30 ping.

      hardware will only screw you if the game is choppy and
      sluggish. but with your specs you should run the game well


        My ping is usually around 170. I have had 60 on some servers but then the other players have 40-50! Guess I better keep practising.