I recently bought a used copy of Halo and played a few games online. It was quickly obvious who was cheating in that game. You would blast away with a tank and they would run by you. After I but UT04 I dropped Halo.

I don't know if anyone cheats in UT04. I don't know enough about the servers or self policing community but I know if there's a will, there's a way.

It SEEMS to me [I'm not sure here] that some people ALWAYS kill me with a single shot. I see them working their way through the game, nothing touches them though. I can empty the Link gun or Cannon on them and they just bounce away. I'm new, but I'm not totally crappy [mostly, not totally] so I know a few jumps and side step combos etc.

Back in the day we would play Marathon Infinity endlessly on our networked graphics machines at work and I was far better than most. I remember they had the same complaint but there was no cheating.

So maybe these people really are that good. Your thoughts? Is there cheating online? Am I even lamer than I think? OK maybe don't answer that last question.