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Help needed with project.

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    Help needed with project.

    Hi there, new to this forum and wondering if anyone can share their knowledge helping me and a few friends develop what we would consider to be a simple mod.

    We have made custom characters using 3DS max and rigged them accordingly. I was curious as to how easy it would now be to import these models into either the original Unreal Tournament or 2003/2004. Also is there a guide for the animations we need to replace? And the final thing, how easy is it to replace the melee weapons for each individual character to something unique and make the map melee only?

    I know this is a big ask from a first time poster but I figured this was the place to come for help. So to make a shortlist..
    -Importing 3ds max models into unreal
    -Making a melee only mutator (I've got a feeling one already exists thinking about it)
    -Replacing animations with custom ones

    Any help or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance


    1. You have to export them as .PSK. Use ActorX for that. Also name the bones like this:

    2. Yeap, that was already done by ChaosUT 2, but if you don't want to get it you only need to have a weapon replacement mutator and create some melee weapons.

    3. AFAIK you just name the animations like old ones were named and if you want to change the names, you have to change some things in Species.


      Thanks for the reply, I'll look into these and have a go at messing around with a few things. Will probably be postting messages with 'ahh why has this happened?!' and screenshots of problems soon, so...yay! lol