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    Get UT2004 for Linux

    Hello everybody

    Ok, I bought a few months ago UT2004 in my Steam account, but now I wish install UT2004 in Linux. I installed the game with Wine (a library for run aplications of Windows on Linux), but it should run faster if I had the binaries for Linux system.

    There is a way to get these binaries with my Steam account? Because I don't want to buy again the game =(

    Sorry if somebody has post it this topic before...

    Not sure about the Steam version, but for normal one you can get a Linux patch that does that kind of thing - gives you a Linux binary. The download is here:
    ...the link is down for maintenance, meanwhile get it from third party: or just


      Dude, thank you very much!

      I don't knew than exists this patch for linux. After of install the patch I needed:

      sudo apt-get install libstdc++5
      ln -s /usr/lib/ /path/of/UT2004/System/
      Then I got the cdkey of my game with:

      wine regedit

      echo "THE CD KEY" > /path/of/UT2004/System/cdkey
      And it's ready.... for all Linux user with Steam installed on Wine. Now run natively and it's great!

      Thanks again!

      Grettings from Mexico...


        Yes, exactly. Although different distros use somewhat different software, so in newer ones like openSUSE instead of apt-get you should use zypper (although if you do use apt-get, you get a notice to use zypper anyway).
        This method works for copying the files from a CD directly just as well, and even better, you can use the same system for both Windows and Linux if you have a dual boot.
        Oh, and also there is a x64 version of this patch somewhere as well.