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Double Domination & Capture the Flag servers

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  • Double Domination & Capture the Flag servers

    Can anyone recommend few servers? My game doesn´t show any servers for those gametypes.

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    It shows none at all? Have you filtered any game types? Are you using the standard browser or are you using ASE or something? It's very unusual that absolutely nothing comes up ...

    I could give you some but they're all UK/Euro so may not be much good. Let me know.


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      I haven´t filtered anything.

      *** *** ***
      EDIT: I tried again and found several servers. Could it be that I found none before because I had previously chosen;
      Use standard servers
      No full servers
      No empty servers
      *** *** ***

      Are the UK/Euro servers playable from Finland? I´d presume they are.


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        Since you are in Finland, let me recommend these two:

        Daddeln by NGZ (CTF)
        =TE= DDOM Server

        Both usually have pretty skilled players on them, especially the CTF server.
        Both servers are located in Germany.

        settings: NW, TTM 2.3


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          // Off-Topic

          Cinder, you finnish?


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            Originally posted by Format Life:
            // Off-Topic

            Cinder, you finnish?

            That´s right.