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Having serious problems finding a good newbie-friendly server...

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    Having serious problems finding a good newbie-friendly server...

    I'm fairly new to the whole UT2k3 thing, but not FPS in general. Yet for some reason, I just cannot do anything online to look even remotely decent, and I can't find any servers dedicated to newbies or helping newbies. What I wanted to know is, what are some good servers that are newbie-friendly? I'd really love to find a server or 2 where I can have fun without all this frustration I've had joining random servers. :bulb:

    Thanks in advance!

    Yep looking for the same thing. :cry:


      If reg wep / reg grav is you guys thing, stop by our server # 1.

      Don't know if we're "n00b friendly" by your definition, but one thing for certain is we don't tolerate any disrepect of any player on the server.

      So you can join in and just play the fun game!

      Server ip and more info in the sig.!


        Hi guys... yes there is a few "newbie" servers in game, but unfortunatly you will find they are not all newbies in there, good players like to go in there for easy pickings!
        The 1st thing to do is make sure you have a low ping! its going to do you no good going into a server with 150 ping and trying to frag players with 50 ping!
        Another thing is what type of weapon you like or find easier to play with (we play vskzarkarena its a cool weapon to play with), or you prefer all weapons or instagib?
        but the main thing is stick at it, we was all noobs @ some time! you will get better with practise, don't let going into a server and getting "owned" put you off, try playing a bit of instant action with bots turned up,
        Pop by our server, (uk based so depends where you guys are from) I am sure if any of us lot are in we are always willing to help, (am now in {FsZ} clan not {zX} still need to get name changed in here)

        server ip
        or visit


          I am putting up a newbie friendly server soon, I will post the IP and password up here.


            Thanks for all of the responses so far.

            Fluffy - I actually have thought about joining your servers, because I've looked over the pages for your clan and thought it would be kinda fun. The problem is that I'm just a wuss when it comes to trying something new online. I used to not like low grav, but now it's getting a little better for me.

            As for stuff I like to play with, I try to stay far away from IG because it's just not worth it to play right now at my skill level. For weapons, I play with pretty much anything, though I haven't ever played with any outside of the normal weapons.

            I will have to check out all the servers suggested in here when I get home from work, because I really do want to find a place to have fun and get better with nice and fun people.


              I understand .... we have TWO servers, the one i think is def. new player friendly is server 1, our Reg. weapons / reg. gravity server.

              Server 2 (LG/IG) is currently down and may be moved because our host is messing up (beware of BFGN folks!).

              Here's the info on server # part is, we DON'T tolerate any name calling or disrespect of anyone on our servers! So whether you win or lose, you can "just play the game" without all that other nonsense you might find out there!

              Server 1 info off our web site

              1st is the .:vVv:. Clan DM server.

              Tired of the "same old, same old?"

              Check out our newly re-vamped UT2003 server!
              Server support up to 14 players!

              Server currently has over 400 maps available to you... you CHOOSE what you want to play, NOT the server!

              Server supports DM, TDM, BR, DOM, CTF, Excessive Invasion, Last Man Standing & Mutant games!

              RegGrav Server =


                Cool, thanks I'll have to try it later.


                  agreed - I asked for this alot when I started and still it'd be cool I think - MAINLY because sportsmanship regarding noobs is so low in the game from experts - experts just totaly mash-up any noobs then come accross...

                  Now that I've improved at the game somewhat, if i come up against a noob, I tend to just run around giving them practice at hitting me, but without firing back... if they kill me so what !!... it's just a bit of fun (or should be) , but at least it gives them some practice - usualy they miss tho , so after letting them have 10 or 20 shots, THEN I frag em, but at least give them a chance and not just kill 'em instantly!



                    So I finally got to play on the vVv server tonight, and I have to say it was really fun. I don't know if people were taking it easy on me because I was maybe acting newb-like, or if I was actually doing decent and they weren't going easy on me. Anyway, I really liked the map choices, even if I had to download most of them before playing. I'll be sure to visit that server more.

                    As for a newbie server, I can run a server (not dedicated) for newbies sometimes. I usually do at night if I'm playing with friends, so if you ever see 'Tec's Newbalicious Server' in some form, be sure to drop by.


                      Thanks for the "props!"

                      We are that friendly ALL of the time, it's even in our clan charter not to allow disrespect of anyone on our servers!

                      Even when our members aren't on the server and some jerk is making a game miserable for others, usually we get an e-mail or a post in our forums ( ) and once the server admin. investigates, the "trouble" never gets to return!

                      On downloaded maps, be SURE to get this easy-to-use program, makes sure you only have to download a map ONCE, and you can play the maps you downloaded offline to practice on or explore!

                      See you in the game!



                        wel if ur euro u can try my server
                        (server link in sig)
                        got some nice fun exsesive mutator(set in map vote)

                        primary mutator insta gib gun
                        i would say my server is a bit newby friendly cuzz i allow camping :up:


                          No server is truely nOOb freindly! No matter what they say you are just another target.