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    After dodging I have always to walk or to wait a second, before I can dodge again.

    Someone wrote somewhere: "Most importantly, try dodging left or right while moving forward or backward, or dodging forward or backward while moving left or right. You can dodge without stopping this way."

    Well, I tried this, but it doesnt work. For instance I press press constantly the forward button. At the same time I dodge to the right side. Before I can dodge again to the right side (while still walking forward) I have to wait.

    Does somebody know, how dodging without stopping/walking functiones??

    Thanks for help.


    As far as I know there is a delay befor you can dodge again. (this is normal). What I think they ment was that you don't have to stop moving before you can dodge.


      Ah, okay! - Thank you.

      but then it's a bit weired to walk right/left between dodging forward, or walk forward between dodging right/left.

      I think it's better to walk forward between dodging forward and to walk right between dodging right.


        Moving left or right isn´t a good explanation. Actually you have to hold the forward/backward key pressed the whole time, but are dodging left and right. Instead of running straight you turn into a sideways degree (ca. 45), so you’re moving diagonal but with the dodge or the dodge jump you will even out the movement to the side and the result is a forward movement. It´s like a parallelogram of forces between the diagonal forward movement and the dodge and the resultant is the way you move.

        If you dodge or dodge jump forward/backward you have to stand still for a sec because you have to release the forward/backward key to perform the dodge/dodgejump.

        Also if you put a jump after the dodge example : forward forward jump you will perform a dodge jump which is faster and the jump goes further.

        I tried to explain that in this thread.

        If you don’t understand it get the video mentioned in it.