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New Maps - Can you access them?

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    New Maps - Can you access them?

    When I play online, as expected new maps are downloaded to my PC.

    How can I access these maps on my LAN or in "instant action" so that I can practice and get used to the maps?

    Is this even possible? When I try to Host a LAN game or do an Instant Action game, these maps don't display.


    UT game files (maps, mods, muts, etc) are downloaded to a cache.

    You can download a program called UTCacheExtractor to move these files from the cache to your UT2004 subfolders.

    If you can unzip rar files, you can find it here:

    Otherwise, use google to find another version to download.


      Excellent, thanks!

      Yes, I have WinRAR so I'll try this out.

      I assume UTCacheExtractor comes wth instructions on how to use it and where to put the extracted files in all the UT2004 subfolders?


        Its fairly straight forward, but...

        If you have any specific questions, just post them here.


          Okay, I was able to get BR maps by selecting them in the Cache tab and clicking Extract. They then displayed in the UT2004 game as a map option.

          However, I have two ONS maps that I tried to move over using the same steps and they won't display in the game.

          I even highlighted them on the MAPS tab and selected compress just to see if I needed to do that - no good.

          How can I successfully snag ONS maps? Also, is the UT2 file the only file I need extract? There were some other files near the map file that when I tried to extract them, I got a warning about some errors that some servers may display so I selectd "NO" to extract those.


            The file extension determines what directory the file should be moved to under the UT2004 folder.

            Here is a list:

            *.DEMO4 = C:\UT2004\Demos
            *.ka = C:\UT2004\KarmaData
            *.ogg = C:\UT2004\Music
            *.txt = C:\UT2004\Help
            *.uax = C:\UT2004\Sounds
            *.ukx = C:\UT2004\Animations
            *.usx = C:\UT2004\StaticMeshs
            *.ut2 = C:\UT2004\Maps
            *.utx = C:\UT2004\Textures

            Place all other files in the C:\UT2004\System folder.

            Game Mods are usually installed in their own separate folder with a couple of files placed in the system folder.


              Thanks! I am able to get ONS maps to move over correctly!