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Brush has NULL material reference(s)

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    Brush has NULL material reference(s)

    First of all, hi everyone.

    I´m new to this Forum (which I´ve been reading for some time now, but not registered until now) and to the UnrealEd3.

    I´ve just started my first map with this great toolset (having the architechtonic tutorials as a guide), and found it very powerful and at the same time easy to use.

    The thinng is that I´ve received this error "Brush has NULL material reference(s)" after trying the "Build All" button, and don´t know what to do.

    Surely it´s nothing, but I´m quite noob with this tool and prefer to know what this error means and try to solve it before I continue with the map and find that, once it´s finished, and after spending a lot of time in it, it doesn´t work...

    Well, thanks for the help and see´ya!

    Me again, I´ve done a search and found the answer I needed. Excuse me, should´ve done it before posting... My fault.

    Well at least it served as an excuse to register in the forum and as a presentation...


      Welcome to the forums, btw. o/


        Thanx man!