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How Do I MaKe WeApOnS/HoW i DoWnLoAd SkInS To Ut 2004

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    How Do I MaKe WeApOnS/HoW i DoWnLoAd SkInS To Ut 2004

    Waaaazzzz SUp all umm I need some Help with edititing and dowloading . I was just wondering if theirs any tutoraisl on how to make ur own cars and guns also i dont no how to get skins ito ut2004 so if u can help thx if u cant thx any wayz

    In my beginners stickied thread, theres lots of places to download skins from.

    About the weapons, maybe take some UScript coding lessons. Though I dont have a link.


      #3 make weapons...generally:

      1) Download and install Maya 5.0 PLE (or install from CD6/7). 7.0 doesn't work properly, so unless you already have the activation key (Alias stopped giving them out), you'll have to buy 3dsMax (which is $3,495 US).

      2) Learn UnrealScript.

      3) Model, rig, and animate weapon(s).

      4) Export weapons into Unreal Ed.

      5) Code weapons, specifying imported weapons in default properties.

      6) Code mutator to put weapons into game and compile.

      7) Fix any bugs, recompile, then add your mutator to an instant action game to test.

      It's a lot easier than it sounds; once you get the hang of Maya and UEd, all you have to do is learn Unreal Script, which is a pretty simple language.

      P.S. Does anybody know why I have to put something in the 'Gamertag' field of my profile? If I leave it blank, it says that I must follow the directions for Gamertag, before I can update my profile. (Noticed the same problem with other users)