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how to use microphone?

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    how to use microphone?

    hello friends.... im more of a mmorpg guy..... but i do play fps ocasionaly.... but not seriously.... i have whole bunch of fps demos on my comp but never spin much time on it.

    got tired of mmo.... so i thought ill try fps full-time..... ill get personal on fps.... unreal tour 2004 interest me the most....

    so how do i speak on the mic? what do i press?

    btw mmo = long term gameplay... gotta spin months or years b4 having fun and fps = fun right away!

    Hey! Insert the mic and press f to talk in online play. If this doesn't work go to settings, input, configure controls and choose a button to speak with your mic. If this is also unsuccsesful (sorry about spelling) check that you are connnected to a channel by pressing "v", then 1 and choose a channel in gameplay. Hope your mic works!!


      Hold down 'f' key and talk. Commands:

      Codename is the name that appears in brackets '[]' above the heads of bots. Say 'everyone' to make all bots on your team obey. Speak slowly and clearly. You must enable voicechat in settings.


      Codename suicide ----- bot dies

      Codename dance ------ bot dances

      Codename gimme ------ bot gives you his/her weapon

      Codename cover me --- bot follows you

      Codename attack ------ bot attacks enemy base/node

      Codename defend ------ bot defends team's base/node

      And remember to use commands like 'everyone defend' so that all your bots work together.