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MysTikals Beginner Thread - 2 Posts (Upd 15/08/06)

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    MysTikals Beginner Thread - 2 Posts (Upd 15/08/06)

    Hi, I'm going to tell you what you need to once you'ved installed, when youre ingame, and when your out of game. Heres the chapters:

    1 - Installing and getting online (NEW! Public servers added)
    2 - Installing mods
    3 - Improve FPS and Loading times
    4 - Improve your skill
    5 - Making mods (coming soon!)
    6 - What does that mean?
    7 - Mods Explained
    8 - Clans

    Part 2 (Second post)

    9 - Gametypes
    10 - About/Hosting Servers
    11 - Tutorials
    12 - Unlock Malcolm, Xan, and Clanlord

    Part 1 - Installing and getting online

    Once you've installed the game, don't get ahead of yourself just yet, you will need to install the latest Mega Pack, it contains the latest patch, the ECE content, and some more maps, all in one! Heres a Euro (UIE) Link.

    Once you've done that, you can press the Join Game button, and select which server you would want to join. However, if it freezes when you press Join Game, reset your computer and run UT in windowed mode, your firewall will pop up asking if it wants access. Obviously, say yes.
    Best public servers
    Onslaught Europe
    ut2004:// - Titan 32 Player ONS + ECE + Custom
    ut2004:// - -public-
    Onslaught US
    ut2004:// - Death Warrant: Spam Vikings
    ut2004:// - Omnip)o(tentS {ONS}
    Team DeathMatch Europe
    ut2004:// - [UTAN]------Standard DM----by

    Team DeathMatch US
    ut2004:// - Colledge Date UT2004 Demo (Rankin Only)
    ut2004:// - WBK-[Camping & Sniping Server]

    Part 2 - Installing mods

    At one time of playing UT, you might think it gets a bit boring doing the same thing over and over again. So, log onto a modsite or check the Mods and Mutators forum, and download some new mods to make the game more interesting. Once you've downloaded it, run it, it can either be a UT2Mod, or a Zip/Rar file. If its a ut2mod, run it and let it install. If it doesnt run, reinstall the latest patch. If its a Zip/Rar file, youll need to extract them to the right directories. However, in most zipped ut files, it already has a directory, so you can just press C:/UT2004 instead of C:/UT2004/Maps, for example.
    Heres a list of sites you can go to. (maps) (more maps) (maps and mods) (maps and mods) (maps and mods)
    http://unrealtournament2004.filefron...t_2004;54index (alot of stuff) (models and skins) (UCMP Mappacks)

    Part 3 - Improving FPS and Loading times

    This ones a tricky one. Theres lots of performance tweaks you can do, for example, if you turn off Preload Player skins, the loading times become much faster. However, there are more tweaks you can do then just that. Read up Here and here for performance tweaking guides.

    Part 4 - Improve your Skill

    Now, nothing is better at gaining skill then practice. Alot of it. Theres not much tweaks you can do but change your crosshair, and forcemodelling.
    What my settings are is:

    Force model to Gorge and Rylisa, In UTComp and TAM, The colour is light turquiose, just like in CTLB. The crosshair is also the same, a Pointer, with 1.22 scale. I find it easy to put heads in it.
    What I do to improve my skill is play alot of PUGS, which are Pickup games, you type !add in specific IRC Channels (ut2004.tam for TAM, unrealnorth.pickup for TDM, both on and some FFA in, where all of the highskill players hang out on. Also, the servers in my sig are nice friendly ones, if anyones interested in TAM.

    Some simple things that will improve your game are :-
    Dodge jumping/Walldodging (repectiveley) - Hold W, put your view 45 degrees opposite the way your tapping the aa/dd keys, Tap AA/DD two times, whilst your in the air, adjust your view to the middle. Jump next to a wall, and double tap AA/DD then jump again. (examples coming soon)
    Heres the jump tutorials!
    Heres a link to Nosnos' video called "A beginners guide to UT2004 Movement" It contains movement in serveral maps such as Rankin and Goose.

    Part 5 - Making Mods (coming soon)
    Visit for some info about editing.

    Part 6 - What does that mean?
    In the chat bar, people might say certian things that you might not know. Here are some of them.

    Omg - Oh my God!
    Wtf - What the (ahem)
    Wtfh - What the (aheming) hell
    Stfu - Shut the (ahem) up
    Lol - Laughing out Loud
    Rofl - Rolls on the floor laughing
    Roflmao - Rolls on the floor laughing my a** off
    ffs - For (ahems) sake
    Spammer (spamming) - Using a weapon that is non hitscan and holding the fire button down.
    Camper (camping) - Staying in one spot for a while whilst shooting people that you see.
    Ownage (pwnage) - Like saying I own you, as in, someone could say "That was a pwnage shot", they mean "That was a nice shot".

    Part 7 - Mods Explained
    First off, the types of mods. If you download a mutator, of which, is a sort of mini-mod, it will change a certian thing, not the entire game, just a certian bit of it. Like the Big heads mutator, makes peoples heads alot bigger if their score is high. If you install a mutator/mod, and you play online, the mutator/mod has to be running on a server for you ot take advantage of it. In short, you cant run UTComp in a Non-UTComp server.

    The full on mod, Usually a Total Conversion (TC), which means the entire game is changed. Mods like Killing Floor (found in the modding section of this forum) changes weapons, the feel of play, the physics (sort of), the weapons, and the enemies.

    Here are some mutators/mods:

    UTComp (mutator) - You can have brightskins, to enhance your opponents skin, you can forcemodel to a model (means you only see 1 opponent, my choice is Rylisa, which I said earlier), you can have Hitsounds, when you hit someone, it makes a sound. You can also change hitsounds into CPMA hitsounds, which makes a different tone depending on how much damage is done. You can also have Auto Demorec, which means it automatically records demos in a game.Link.

    TAM (Mod) - Team Arena Master, which is sort of like Team LMS, The game is split into rounds, there is two teams, where each team has to win as many rounds as possible. Once you die in a round, you cant respawn till the next round. It also has CPMA Hitsounds, Auto demorec (ini edit, ill talk about this later) and brightskins. This is my favourite mod. Link.

    Part 8 - Clans

    A clan, is a team/group of people (usually friends) who play together in games, Like in TDM. Clans are of different skills. Like FnG, mentioned below, is a all-skills-welcome clan. j-X (j-X being the clan i'm in) and TG, Are mid/highskilled clans. A clanwar, where a Clan versus another Clan (say j-X vs TG) In a Team game, Like TAM, TDM, CTF, AS, and Bombing Run. A Clanwar is usually organized in advance, like a week/couple of days before it happens. To see how it works, visit .
    Here are some clans that are beginner friendly:

    FnG - Fun and Games. Visit .
    Fudge - Clan Fudge. Visit .
    Friendly Forces - Clan Friendly Forces. Visit .

    Contined in second post.

    Part 9 - Gametypes Explained

    Now there are quite alot of mods that are gametypes - the majority of them infact, and even some mutators make gametypes. Heres some/most of them explained.

    DeathMatch - A fight to the end. Whoever has the most kills by the end of the game is the winner.
    Team Deathmatch - A Team game, where the team with the most kills by the end of the game is the winner.
    Last Man Standing - Your a player who is given a set number of lives (displayed at the top left of your screen, the little number at the top.), whoever stays the longest alive with a life left is the winner.
    Bombing Run - A Team game, where the team has to get as many goals in with the ball provided, the goals at opposite ends of the map.
    Capture the Flag - A Team game, where the team has to take (by walking over) the opponents flag and successfully bring it back to the base and capture it by walking over your own flag. You cant capture a flag if your flag is missing.
    Assault - A Team game, where your team has to destroy/defend some of the objectives given.
    Onslaught - A Team game, where your team has to destroy and repair (you can repair using Secondary Fire of the Link Gun) most of or all of the nodes (the mini bases, with the giant beams of light above them) then, after capturing them, destroy the Master Core, which is at opposite sides of the map. You can do the most damage to it by using Flak primary at a very short distance away from the Master Core, close enough that you cant see the projectiles (the bits of) flak shards. You can see the health of the master core by looking at the top middle of your screen, if youre Blue for example, your attacking the red nodes and cores, on the map on the top right of your screen, so in the middle of the screen, you look at the Red markers numbers. If you destroy it, youve won a round, the master score is out of 3 or 5 rounds usually.

    Part 10 - About/Making (Hosting) Servers

    OK, you've probably by now joined alot of servers, and was wondering, "could I make one?" Well if youve got a slow connection / Slow computer, than probably not a dedicated one. Dedicated means, you make a server that everyone can join when your gone. Listen server, indicated by the Ear icon in the server browser, Means that someone is running it on their install of UT, whilst playing on it. If you quit in a Listen server, than the server shuts down with you. For the best servers I suggest you buy one, For UK / Europe I suggest XS4All and (formerley pwnage-hosting.) Look around though, A 12 slot Server could cost ?30 (about 40-50$) per month. For more info, Visit .

    Also, a whitelist is a bunch of mutators which will not disqualify a server from being "Default Servers Only", but most mutators arent in in the whitelist, since they modify the gameplay alot. Here is the list of all the mutators which are whitelisted.

    Part 11 - Tutorials


    If you've watched CTLB the movie, which I mentioned earlier, your probably thinking, How can I create a work of art like that? You'll need some tools for this. They are:-

    Sony Vegas 6.0
    Adobe After Effects
    UT2004 3369

    First off - Demos and Demo Extraction.
    To record a demo, Press tilde (`) which is below the Escape key, and type in demorec name or just demorec . After you've quit or the match has finished, it will show up in Community > Demos Tab. You can select it manually by going into c:/UT2004/Demos or whatever your UT2004 install is extracted to.

    Click here to learn more about Demoreccing and how to extract a demo to an avi/wmv file. - Thanks to eviL<3.

    Personally, my favourite is extracting with Fraps 2.5.0 Registered, the quality is dumpframes-like if you compress with XviD. Oh yeah, nows the tutorial with compression!

    Movie: Compression
    OK, youve extracted your frag or frags, and you want that file's size to go down from 150mb or 994mb.
    The codec to compress things with imo, is XviD.

    Youll need just 1 tool; VirtualDubMod. (or virtualdub)

    Download from one of those mirrors, and run it. Now click File > Open Movie File, then select your uncompressed frag/fragmovie.
    Now click Video > Compression and click XviD Mpeg-4 compression. Now whilst still in that box, click Configure and move that slider to what you like. Personally, if its just 1 frag, I'd prefer something around 6.00-6.50. Click OK, then click OK again, and click File > Capture AVI. It'll be compressing your movie, and your system should slow down. After all that, you should have a compressed frag/fragmovie, ready to be released to the public.

    Keybinding tutorial
    First, open the console using the key below ESC (` usually, also called tilde) and type in set input (key) (command). For example, you type "set input o say This bind works", then when you press o, itl say This bind works. There are lots of commands you can bind to. There is also a program called KeyBindingPro which can be found here. It makes some cool binds you can do in Settings > Input > Configure Controls, then scroll down to KeyBindingPro. Its very handy.
    Heres a link to the Ultimate Keybinding Thread.

    eviL<3's Tutorials
    You can browse all of his tutorials here. Be sure to check them out.

    Unlocking Malcolm, Xan, and Clanlord.
    Open up user.ini using notepad, press CTRL+F, and type in the box: TotalUnlockedCharacters=, once there, overwrite that line with this:
    That will unlock the three ?'s in the Model Select menu.
    Please post if you find any dead links.



      How do I install the game?



        that's right


          These may also help.

          The below may be mentioned elsewhere but I couldn't find them.
          1) When playing in Single Player mode on Assault maps, pressing Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 together cancels the introduction and takes you straight to the start of the game. Useful if like me you had to replay a particular game over and over until you won.
          2) Make sure the opposite team is the same colour in all types of games. This can save a lot of ammo when you first start out.


            whats a newest version of ut?


              Remember that UT Unlimited is going again and reviews UT2k4 maps
              If you could add that to the list please


                I certainly can not install game


                  how i can install it??

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