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Only able to see a handful of servers in Server browser? Are there not more?

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    Only able to see a handful of servers in Server browser? Are there not more?

    I just bought, installed and patched UT2004. It is running great and I am happy with it.

    Yet whenever I open up the Server browser to see servers that are online, It only returns about 10 -15 servers. And it seems that at least half of them are demo servers, which seems odd.

    Are there just not that many UT2004 servers running out there, or is there something more to it that perhaps I am not getting at. I am on Cable and have a router, which for the most part is pretty open. I can connect and authenticate to the Master server, so I believe that my firewall is not blocking something.

    Any one have any ideas? Is there some other way to view available servers?

    Thanks for your replys.


    Try switching gametype. Onslaught/Deathmatch has the most servers now. But this may not be the case, if it is, I cant really help. Try seeing if you have any filters on, and unticking Standard Servers Only.


      Yeah I tried all gametypes.

      On average for say Deathmatch, how many should I see online? 20- 30? more?

      Also I notice that they are only playing a few maps. Doesnt anyone run custom maps, or even just ones from the Bonus pack?

      I will tinker with it some more tonight and see if I missed something.


        You should see a LOT (hundreds upon hundreds) of servers. What maps are they playing?


          Mostly Rankin.


            You've probably got "show only standard servers" ticked. Untick that.


              Originally posted by Lert
              You've probably got "show only standard servers" ticked. Untick that.
              I mentioned that earlier. But with it ticked I used to get about 50-70 servers. So...Im really not sure on this one. Try Atari Support. By the way, try using a third party server browser like kquery (link)


                Hmm if i dont have any filters on i can see around 1k servers for DM, if iam changing it to not to show empty and bot servers iam just gettin always around 90 and in the night around 40.

                Yea really it seems so that 90% of the servers are ALWAYS empty, wtf is this **** ? (


                  Im pretty sure thats normal.
                  I only play on like...5 servers now. 3/4 TAM, 1 FFA. They are almost always full up aswell.


                    Ya sure but that r still not so many servers to chooses from. I like to choose from many so I can find a good server where ppls arent the best but arent the worst so I can have fun and improve in UT. On the demo Servers with rankin they r always full but the players arent so good and yea its just rankin and no other map.

                    Iam still wondering why there are so many servers which are always empty or sometimes just like 2 ppls on ..

                    I really hope this problem is gone in UT2007 and there will be more servers which are always full.

                    Today I wanted to play CTF and you know what I just found 1 Server and this one was just user made ..... (ok my filter says no translocator and no instagib but still :/). So I have to play always VCTF cause I really hate translocator.