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Decompress/Compress uz2 Files

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    Decompress/Compress uz2 Files

    Decompress/Compress uz2 Files

    This Tutorial will explain how to compress or decompress .uz2 files of UT2003/4.

    It was very hard to find any information about this. And i could hardly find any tutorial or such explaining this. Thanks to contributors of the UDN, the UnrealWiki, Wiki, this guy, this one and Mephisto.

    What is .uz2?

    First of all, what are uz2 files? When a Client (like a player playing UT2004) doesn't have the Map that's played on the Server, the file will be pushed to that client. In other words: He will download the file from the server.
    The problem is, that this can slow down the server if it has to send files to the clients.

    Because of this you can set up a so-called "Redirect Server". Wich is basicly a webserver, that has all maps that the server runs. Like this the clients can download the files without making the game server slow.

    Server admins can do this in the server's ini file. The lines are:
    But Map files are quite big sometimes. So it would take lots of webspace for all those files, and it would take long to download them. Why not zip them? Yes.

    There is a file format used by the Unreal Engine called "UZ2". It's compressed like a .ZIP or a .RAR archive. The Files need to be compressed to .UZ2 and then uploaded the the redirect server.

    If you want to download a Map, that isn't availlable anymore in it's release thread, you can try to get it from a redirect Server. For exemple i want to download DM-Rankin-FE. Let's say i coudn't find it in the internet anymore. Well, i'd go to Unrealadmins redirect search engine, and see if i can find it on any public redirect server. If i enter "rankin", i get this list:
    1. CompaMutRankin.utx.uz2
    2. CTF-Rankin(BETA1).ut2.uz2
    3. CTF-Rankin(BETA2).ut2.uz2
    4. CTF-Rankin(BETA3).ut2.uz2
    5. CTF-Rankin-PRO.ut2.uz2
    6. CTF-Rankin-PRO.ut2.uz2.uz2
    7. CTF-Rankin2k5-Beta01k.ut2.uz2
    8. DM-Rankin-FE.ut2.uz2
    9. DM-Rankin.ut2.uz2
    10. KR-Rankin.ogg.uz2
    11. KR-Rankin.umx.uz2

    As you might have noticed, the files keep their usual suffix followed by the UZ2 extension. DM-Rankin-FE.ut2.uz2 still has the .ut2 part, that stands for UT2004 Maps. That's how you detect what filetype it is.

    So now i would download that file (DM-Rankin-FE.ut2.uz2), but what do i do with it? That's what the next part of this Tutorial is about

    How to decompress the files

    Okay, now we have the uz2 file. There are differen't ways to extract it. The easiest way is using a program like "UT2004mi". This is a very usefull tool, that has other features, such as cache extraction, demo management, mutator / skin / mod management...


    Download UT2004mi here, and extract it to your HD. Open UT2004Mi.exe, and check the settings in the "configure" tab:

    It should be correct, as the Program detects it automatically from the registry, but you'll need to hit "Save" anyway. Now click on the ".uz2 files" tab, and make sure "decompress .uz2" is activated. Now drag your .uz2 file(s) into the field, and hit "GO".

    Now the file is decompressed. DM-Rankin-FE.ut2 is now in the same folder where DM-Rankin-FE.ut2.uz2 was. Now i can move it to the UT2004/Maps folder, and play! Successfully decompressed!

    Note: You'll need UT2004 to be installed for UT2004mi to work properly.


    This is another way to do it. It's what UT2004mi actually does in the background. It's like "doing it mannualy"

    So first we should know what ucc.exe is. UCC is the tool that Unreal Engine devolepers need, for a whole description, you can read UnrealWiki: Ucc. But all you need to know is, that ucc can be used to compress/decompress files using UZ2 format.

    UCC or ucc.exe can be found in your "UT2004/System" folder. But what you have to know is, that it doesn't have any GUI (Graphical User Interface). If you don't know what this means, you'll find out now, hehe...

    Press "[Win] + [R]" on your keyboard, or select "Run" from the Start Menu. Now enter "CMD" and hit enter / go. You will get a "Command Promt" window, that looks like this:

    First thing we do, is set the default path to the UT2004/System folder. Do that by typing "path c:/ut2004/system", or change it, if you have UT2004 installed somewhere else.

    Then type "ucc", and you should get this:

    If you like, you can type "ucc help", and get some more info about it. What we have to do now, is drop out .uz2 file into the "UT2004/System" folder.

    And now we can actually decompress the file. Type "ucc decompress <filename>", in my case this would be "ucc decompress dm-rankin-fe.ut2.uz2". Note that the file needs to be in the System folder. If it worked, you should get something like this:
    C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Admin>ucc decompress dm-rankin-fe.ut2.uz2
    Decompressed dm-rankin-fe.ut2.uz2 -> dm-rankin-fe.ut2
    And the File "DM-Rankin-FE.ut2" should be in the System Folder.

    Now you can put the map in the "Maps" folder and play it

    Other convertors

    Other convertors also exist, but most/all of them will use UCC.exe. I'll list a few here:

    Those are a few. I highly recommend UZTool, it allows you to compress/decompress files using right click! I don't know about the others, as i havn't tested them.

    For Server admins

    Well if you're a Server admin, and you want to use a public redirect, go into UT2004.ini of the Server, and find following:
    The "RedirectToURL" needs to be changed to one of the following Public Redirect Servers (Warning: Don't open these in your Browser, there are so many files, it will cause a crash. For searching Files, use UnrealAdmins Search): has a Guide about setting up a redirect, and uploading files to their Server. There's also some info here.

    You should be able to comress the files by yourself now already. If you don't know how to, i'll explain it quickly:
    Open ucc, and instead of "ucc compress" type "ucc decompress". Or use UT2004mi / UZTool. It's really simple

    If you know any Public redirect Services or UZ2 tools, let me know!


    A hosted copy of the app can be found here:Unreal Central:Ut2004MI v2.05.


      Most of the links in this thread are a no go.

      I am having trouble compressing map files (well any files) for my UT2004 server, "spY's Freakshow Extravaganza", using UZTool and UTComprez.
      I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit (on my gaming pc). I keep getting errors using both of these tools. I have set the programs up properly, guiding the tool to
      the UT2004/System directory.
      I am getting errors running it where does not allow the tool to write to any folders on my pc, and cannot find the "..../AppData/../Temp" path.
      Wondering if anyone has experienced this and knows what the workaround is.
      Thinking this might have to be done on an XP Pro machine?
      Right now my server is pretty much out of the box, with only AntiTCC 2009 running on it. Would like to get custom content up on it, but this
      is a big snag.
      Any suggestions/help would be very helpful, thank you!

      *I have tried running these tools as Admin.


        this is how im running it with no issues just try these settings

        Click image for larger version

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