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    Please Help me Understand this

    Hello. Sorry if this is wrong section. My English is poor Please don't be angry at me If I accidentally broken one of rules I will of course Edit post if needed, as You say if something is wrong. Sorry again.

    I have only a few questions about understanding version of UT2004 and few others. After some time, I learned that I can check actual version of my game going to "Join Game" menu and it appears on the top-right!


    I bought UT2004 few weeks ago. Here is a pic of version I have:

    Then I go to Official homepage of UT for newest patch. I found that UT2004 MegaPack is released, and I read that it has already newest patch and all ECE Bonus Pack content within It so I downloaded It. When I do Fresh Install I got this displayed:

    Ok, looks like version which I have (with "Best of Atari" text on box , screenshot above on top) is v3186. OK. Got It. Now after fresh instalation, I'm running instalator of UT2004MegaPack, and this appears:

    And now I can't understand this; why (screenshot above) instalator says "This program will update your copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 Bonus Pack 2 to version 1" ?? Isn't it supposed to be Vice Versa?
    Is this means that after fresh install of Game I already have Game in version "Bonus Pack 2" or something? Is the numbers "1" or "2" - It is something like, for example: degrees of burns (first degree is less dangerous, third degree is most dangerous) ? If so, then when i install this MegaPack, i will lower (2 to 1) my game version?

    Also, but on all addition when i tried to install (instalator wasn't placed in UT2004 folder) ModelViewer2K4 (with UT2004 v3369[installed by UT2004MegaPack) with my UT2004, instalator of ModelViewer2K4 says that I have older (1) version of Game and I need to install version 3186 or later (it was already installed!!) Screen of Modelviewer instalator below:

    What's wrong with me? Am i that stupid ? Please, help me. Thank You!

    It's a problem with the Mega Pack. It changes the Version number to "1" accidently. What you can do is, go to UT2004/System/Manifest.ini. Search for "Version=1". Now change this to the newest Patch.

    You're .ut4mods should install correctly now



      Hey. Thank You!! It's working ok now :up:

      I was wondering If I could post a message with all good words about game That is so genius - I mean of course Unreal Tournament 2004! But for posting such a messages, I could get banned probably for off-topic so I'll be quiet.

      I :heart: UT2004. And UT2007 when It comes out

      Thanks again for nice help!


        No Problem, i'm glad to help you!