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People sizes. Distance and screen sizes.

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    People sizes. Distance and screen sizes.

    I really have a hard time seeing people at ranges, simply too small for me. I have tried 800x600 and I started at 1024x768 (What I normally use for desktop and HL(CS/CS:S)). They seem so tiny and small and hard to hit.

    I know the sniper rifle and lightning have zoom so they can see, but I was getting shot at by a guy using the ASMD (I may e new to 24 but a pro at Unreal Gold, bought UT 2 and was particualirly diapointed and swore off Unreal for a while.)

    I have all my graphics on high if that makes a differance, some times they just blend in.

    Do I just need to play more to help distinguish player modles from well everything?

    O and while I have your attention, in the browser I can't see pings. I may have just been a total noob with the browser and turned it off by accident or they don't show it on purpose. In either case how do I turn it on? I also noticed it shows pings for servers in my favorites. Tried right clicking everything looking for browser options or anything related, went through my settings twice (missed configure controls on the first time).


    set FOV to 85 or less.