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setting the number of bots

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    setting the number of bots


    I was wondering if someone might be good enough to enlighten me on how to set the number of bots that will spawn in a level created in unrealEd3?

    Also, to expand a bit on this, i've been working a little with unrealscript and derived my own gametype (child of xDeathMatch) and bots (child of xBot) ... but i'm not sure how to get my gametype running as the default when starting a map within unrealEd. I tried changing the level properties - DefaultGameType from xGame.xDeathMatch to xGame.xDeathMatch.xMyGame (and just xGame.xMyGame) but neither resulted in my bots being spawned, just the default xBots. Running the my game within UT2004, however, works fine, spawning my bots?

    thanks for any help


    Do you want a special number of bots? You could just change this in the level properties:


      cheers, that'll probably help concerning the number of bots, and i'd forgotten i can limit the number spawning within UT2004 itself using the game menu.

      so i guess i can sidestep my second problem although would still be interested to know how i can get unrealEd to start a level using my derived gametype or at least spawning my own bots instead of the defaults.

      cheers again


        addbots 10

        addnamedbot gorge

        Those console commands control which bots spawn, or how many you want, but you have to type them everytime you play the level.

        You can make new bots via JaFo's Botmanager.


          cheers for the tips ... the addnamedbot botname ... is the botname string the name of my new controller class i.e. 'mygame.mybot'? i tried that and just 'myBot' but it's just spawning xBots?



            Start a game with 32 bots, then type 'addbots 32' into the console before the game starts.