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Holy **** [FDG] is 4! (And still recruiting!)

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    Yay FDG!! Happy B-day!

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  • Holy **** [FDG] is 4! (And still recruiting!)

    Team Fudge! turned four years old on February 18th, 2006. Woo! We're still aliiiiive!

    We're also rather large now, but never too large to take newcomers who show potential to improve under our wing. Are you new to the game, or even if not new are you interested in picking up the more competitive side of the game beyond the pubs? Stop on in and say hi!

    Fudge members come from a vast variety of cultures and regions, with an age range from 15 to 45, roughly. Our UT squad has about 12 members, the CS:S division 10ish, GW 25, and Q4 unfortunately only 5. We also have Diablo II, StarCraft, and an upcoming Fortress Forever squad in the works. Every member of the team is a friend of the others in their division and usually across divisions as well. "Social problems" are almost non-existent in the team, and some members have become such close friends that they've rented apartments together or transferred between dorms at their universities in order to be closer.

    Interested in joining one of the friendliest, closest-knit teams in UT? Stop on in and say hi at our forums.

    Happy birthday to all the Fudgies past and present! Here's hoping for another four years of chocolatey goodness.