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Happy 3rd Birthday .:vVv:. !

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    Happy 3rd Birthday .:vVv:. !

    Happy 3rd Birthday .:vVv:. !

    :heart: unk: :jumpclap: :hat: :mdr1: :salut2: :love: :respect:

    Clan .:vVv:. Turns 3-years-old today, February 18th, 2006!

    I once read somewhere that the average online gaming clan has a “life expectancy” of less than a few months.

    In a time when clans seem to come and go, we’ve “beaten the odds” to not only grow, but prosper as a clan and community!

    Celebrate with us on this monumental occasion!

    Our History:

    .:vVv:. Was originally conceived in November of 2002 from members of the old AXP forum.

    The founding idea was to provide a fun place for people of all skill levels to enjoy the game. A place where disrespect of others would not be tolerated, and where you could “just play” and enjoy the game.

    The original group disbanded in January of 2003, and the clan seemed doomed to go the way of so many other clans in the online gaming world.

    BUT…two members remained to keep our founding idea alive. With no server and only the most basic of forums, these two members stayed true to our "Mission Statement" to provide a fun and respectful place for all to play.

    Those two members are Fluffy and Zonâ.

    Together with Tranquility (now known as Nikki), these three founding members gave life to the clan again, and like the phoenix from the ashes, .:vVv:. was re-born!

    Our “coming out” announcement to the online community was posted in the Epic forums here:

    Those familiar with the clan will see it’s quite a change from that post and what a difference three years have made!

    Consider these changes:


    Feb. 2003 3 Clan Members

    Feb. 2004 34 Clan Members!

    Feb. 2005 55 Clan Members!

    Feb. 2006 68 Clan Members!


    Feb. 2003 7 Forum Members

    Feb. 2004 320 Forum Members!

    Feb. 2005 781 Forum Members!

    Feb 2006 198 Forum Members (on new forum)! Old forum hit 1006 members before we shut it down!


    Feb. 2003 1 Server

    Feb. 2004 5 Servers!

    Feb. 2005 9 Servers!

    Feb 2006 7 Servers (U.S. & Euro)!

    These are but a few of the changes we’ve had over the past year.

    Other Proud Clan milestones the past year include;

    The inclusion of another gametype, Counter-Strike source. Many of our members play both UT2004 & CSs.

    Clan involvement in developing new software and utilities for UT2004!

    And above all else, After three years we’re still known as a place you can “just play” without the text / voice foolishness you find on lots of other servers.

    All players on our servers are treated with the same respect & good sportsmanship, regardless of experience or skill level!

    In all it’s been a most excellent year and with more great times ahead of us, we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

    A BIG “THANK YOU” to our clan members, forum members and server regulars…we couldn’t have done it without you!

    Happy Birthday Clan .:vVv:. !

    If we sound like a place you might be interested in playing, please join our forum and play on our servers!

    Web page:

    NEW Friendly Forum:

    Hehe, happy birthday to the clan and stuff.
    EDIT: 6 Minutes after you posted, I posted .


      Happy Birthday to Us :heart:

      /should have posted it in the General Discussion section :hitting-self:


        Originally posted by Jeb08
        Happy Birthday to Us :heart:

        /should have posted it in the General Discussion section :hitting-self:
        Whoops! Any Admin. type folks care to delete this one please? :noob: