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My level Problems

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    My level Problems

    Hmm i have just started mapping after a small break and for some reason i have lots of things in my Mylevel package that do not exist in the map ??

    e.g. Adrenaline pickup
    and the list can go on and on and on etc etc ...

    anyway this has upped my map size to a whopping 17MB

    I had this once before and was able to get rid of it but cant for the life of me remember how

    help plz.

    p.s. I tried copying evrything into a new map but it fuggered up my map

    ok i got it fixed. maybe a round about way but it worked.

    Ok select all the statics in the map and then cut and paste into a new map
    Then export all of thoose into a tts file
    then copy all the bsp etc etc etc .. from the original map into a new map
    Then go and import the tts file.

    Dont forget to restart the editor after each step.

    oh also i cant see the statics in mylevel now ??


      ...what? If you have extra stuff in your MyLevel, restarting the editor almost always makes it go away.




          ok this was solved as well by copying and pasting everything from the old map into the new map one at a time !

          close the editor between each step and it shold only take you a couple of das


            There is probly a comand that you can put in the editor, such as CullTextures removes all the textures that are not in use in my level.


              would be nice if in the next editor they thought about putting some macros in

              that would be cool.

              Like autosave every 30 min to a new filename e.g. AS-tt1 AS-tt2