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Is it me or is UT2004 slower to react than UT2003?

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    Is it me or is UT2004 slower to react than UT2003?

    I just installed 2004 and it feels horribly slow. And I don’t mean that my computer is slow. I already tried changing all the settings to speed up the game and it feels exactly the same. The game was running smooth before I made changes and there was no difference after the changes. It just seems like everything takes a split second longer to do than in 2003.

    Anyone else have this feeling??

    I disabled quite a lot of things in XP to speed things up, made quite a difference. Maybe you didn't have XP when playing ut2003?

    Just as a thought. And in case you still play it (can compare directly) just ignore my whole post... :up:

    BTW there are some differencies in gameplay. UT2004 has a mutator called "UT2003 Style" that adjusts weapon switch speed and other things i think. In case that's what you were worrying about.


      Ah. that mutator soiunds like the ticket.

      I run W2k Pro and I still play UT2003. At the moment I prefer it because that's what I'm used to, but I expect to play 2004 more.

      The thing is that when I disabled things, that feeling of things being slow didn't change. So I don't think there is any issue with the computer speed. I noticed that UT2004 is definitely smoother looking in terms of the movement of objects and players than 2003. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

      I'll give that mutator a try. Thanks!


        cut off all those mouse options, reduce mouse lag, etc.

        theres a framerate cap in ut2k4.