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    mute background noise

    heys i was playing rankin and i found the storm sound in the background annoying when tryign to listen for players is there a way to kinda minimise the volume or mute it all together?
    thanks in advance.

    make sure you want to do this first...

    The background noises in rankin are whats called ambient sounds and are fould in many other places in UT. If you play any vehicled gametypes turning off ambient sounds will cause you to not be able to hear the hum of many vehicles as they fly around and can come from behind you and kill you before you know they are there...

    Anyways, here's where this setting is...
    Open your User.ini file and navigate to the section

    Set your
    to a number between 0 and 1, 0 being off and 1 being full volume.
    I play with it at 0.05 myself.

    This can be set here as