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Forgive the stupid questions.

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    Forgive the stupid questions.

    Hi all.

    After spending a while hunting the net and reading through books I have some questions regarding the Unreal Engine.

    Poly Counts. From experience what is the largest poly count you can realistically use in a level?

    Zones. Are zones in Unreal like loading points in Half Life 2? If I have a huge level with a massive poly count, how would I be able to cut it into chunks?

    Horses and other 4 legged animals. I know I cna bring these in as a human using his arms as forelegs, but has anybody got a better solution?

    Slowing the character. The default players run too fast, can they be slowed down?

    Flight. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style jumping. Any ideas?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Zones will prevent areas from being rendered unless they are in the line of sight of the player.

    There is a walk button to slow down when you need presision. If you are wanting to slow everyone down you will need to adjust the game speed via a mutator.

    There are several Matrix Moves mutators that will let you things like dodge in the air several times, freeze in the air, run on walls, and jump 2X higher than normal.

    To make non huminoid players look good you will have to make a custom skeleton and script animation for them.