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    Originally posted by K_K
    couldnt the people that own the server be using cheats? i hate htat when all these swearing strangers gang up on you and make themselves invinsible and 1000 tiems bigger than you with pink suits and frilly guns?
    Ive never seen an admin swear at anyone, be 1000 times bigger or wear a pink suit and wield a frilly gun.
    Im scared, whats happeing
    You will get the hang of it, its not that hard, and i suck anyway


      Or, what happens to me alot, When i'm in ironic and i've just pickup up 50 shield, and about half a second later, someone will hit me with lg, and it just goes straight through. Thats another bug.

      You cant use cheats online, even admins cant, unless theyre using a admin fun mutator, which is something completeley different. And no, admins DO NOT cheat, you cant magically go invisible, or do any bigger stuff, admins are there to avoid cheaters, and keep the game clean, not for using their advantage to win the game. The admin is on your side.


        Shield absorbs different damage depending on the weapon hitting it.
        Energy weapons tend to be reflected, try playing tennis with a shock ball, we have reflected the same ball numerous times between different people.
        pysical weapons seem to have different shield rates, although some of that might be due to splash damage.
        Remember the shield does not fully enclose you, so hits to extremities can go straight through.

        @Muppet, where abouts are you? We have a UK based server and run some basic training every Wednesday evenings, would be happy to give you some tips.
        Or you could try one of the clans in my sig, all are noob friendly and I am sure would help you along.


          Originally posted by [FF] Elric....
          Shield absorbs different damage depending on the weapon hitting it.
          I guess we should have said "armor"...

          MysTikal: I'm not aware of any bug that concerns the small armor only. The bug I'm talking about happens when you have both armors and the remainder of the large armor is smaller than the damage dealt by the hit.

          It has been discussed at length earlier so for those interested, search the forum. I should also mention that Wormbo fixed this bug in UTPlus.


            Originally posted by muppet5555
            Hi everyone

            Im a bit new to this so apologies if i sound like a muppet.

            I have been playing unreal tournament on the servers agaisnt other people yet im rubbish.

            I get shot once and die, when i shoot peopl iuts takes more than one shot for them to die?

            Also everyone else seems to bounce around, i cant do that, plus some can fly, no idea how u do that.

            Any advice coz im sick of getting my a@@ whoopped

            My first ut2003 game was a low gravity bombing run instagib. EVERYONE was flying and jumping around and I died so much I uninstalled the game. Then I Reinstalled it and played/viewed others. Then, slowly, I started owning everyone else Long story short, just keep playing, but make sure you at least know how to DO moves like long double jumps and the such.


              Originally posted by Kaboom.exe
              low gravity bombing run instagib
              These are very good for your aim, and for your movement; because if you're not good at these two things, you're dead.

              iBR = hehe what a laugh