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    Something I do not get

    When you press the CTF game type tab, it brings up a list, you know, ctf games. But thie thing is. Why are their instagibctf games listed when they have their own game type tab.

    You see a game - 7/12 players, good. Then you look over and see the skull. Instagib.

    Now I have no problem with instagib, its just I rather do classic ctf. And the only full "classic" ctf games with people in it are running the old face maps.. Soo boring. "If" I had the resorces, I would do a good no mapvote ctf server. But the "if" is the problem. Do not know why I am posting this anywhere, know someone is gonna show us all how dim their intellect is by flaming.

    You can avoid that, you know. Set up a filter: choose mutators- Custom, then go to MutInstaGib and select "Must Be Off", and do the same for MutZoomInstaGib. Voila, no more insta servers invading the NW CTF serverlist. Or anywhere else for that matter. But you can still switch it back after, should you want to play some insta.

    There are a few decent euro CTF servers like «|SF|» one and so forth that have people in it, and they do play other maps: but I'm not a CTF player, so I'll pass. I do play insta CTF more than NW CTF, just because I don't like the translocator, but people in insta have such weird high sens closerange aiming it's crazy ._.

    Of course, lowgrav face classic iCTF is good for getting many holy sh*ts in a row when your enemies are poor and always jump in the air after they spawn :up: