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    Control config!

    What is the easiest contols to use for UT2004! Ive just changed secondary fire which was right click on mouse to jump and Ctrl for secondary fire! Its a bit easier for me as im using the arrows to move! Can't find any good combinations!

    Help please on what you find the easiest.

    Also how come when I play online there's others that can fire 3 rockets at a time, is it some combo move?

    Everyone uses different keys to play this game. Telling you the best ones isn't much usefull. It all depends on the player.
    For the rockect thing, use the secondary fire without releasing it. The rocket launcher will reload 3 rockets and at the end will shoot them. If you press the primary fire while the weapon is reloading (the 3 rockects) it will then fire them in a spiral...


      I use ESDF to move. So i have switch weapon keys all around my move keys...


        search forums for key binds.




            Originally posted by eviL<3
            I use ESDF to move. So i have switch weapon keys all around my move keys...
            me too, i find this the best.

            ditch the arrow keys you wont be able to switch weapons fast enough.


              Actually, that's not entirely true..

              I use the arrows, always have done simply because I can't stand having all the keyboard's letter keys clustered around my movement hand, leads to all sorts of accidents with my cack-handed fingers.

              Instead, I use my mousewheel up to switch between mini & shock, down to switch to Flak then Rox, & the rest of the weapon scatterd among the Delete/End/PgDown/Shift/etc.. keys, which on my keyboard butt right up to the arrows.

              I can switch weapons much, much faster than I ever dreamed of when I used to mousewheel exclusively, but just bear in mind it's entirely possible to get good weapon switching without having to force yourself to wasd, or esdf, or whatever.


                all that doesnt sound as convenient as my set up :P


                  True, it was a nightmare to set up, but I got used to it incredibly quickly, & changing to the same config & playing Unreal (through the OldUnreal UT99 mod) for a day or two really helped too.
                  (well I like to think so, more likley I just wanted an excuse to play it again.. ).

                  Personally, I think the wheel is a faster way to switch to a single weapon than even a key.
                  To me, it's much easier to scroll the wheel a single click than it is to lift a finger, find the correct key (even if you know them all by heart), press it & then move the finger back.

                  So, by using my most common weapons on my mouse hand, I can swap much faster than I did before, and much faster than if I had to surround my movement hand with a key for every weapon.


                    yea i got 4 weps on my mouse.

                    shock rifle on big thumb mouse button

                    LG on mouse wheel up

                    rockets on mouse wheel down

                    shield gun on middle mouse button