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    weapons base

    OK, I had this neat idea to place the weapons in my map mounted on shelves or racks. For this I needed three things... no fancy glitter, (did that) no base showing, and to stop the weapon from rotating. Now, first problem... I made the base dissapear... BUT, I did it in my map which lots of work since last save (BIG mistake!!) and since the base is invisable, I cannot click on it to make it reappear to remove it. Any ideas??? Second, I search the properties of both the base and the weapon and cannot figure out how to stop the rotating and orient it in the position I'll need. Any help on that??? I will go back and redo the map from the last save if I have to, but I'd rather not.


    *** NEWS FLASH ***
    Before I placed this post I had tried 'deleting' the base by putting 'delete NewWeaponBase4' in the command line. It did nothing. Going back to my map and recalled the entry and hit RETURN twice and low-and-behold, it was gone!!! Something about double-hitting in that editor.......

    This should be posted in the "Level edeting, modeling & skinning" part.


      Have you just tried rotating the weapon base 90°, & then burying the weapon base into a wall?

      UED will bring up a "xPickup embedded in world geometery" (or similar) warning when you rebuild all, but that won't stop the level playing.

      Of course if you manage to code your own without the rotating & partical effects, then you can probably avoid the base mesh altogether, but it's a start.


        You could copy and paste the weaponbase / pickup / whatever from another map. Just have 2 copies of the editor open at the same time, 1 with your current map, and the other with the map you're about to copy from.

        Ctrl+C the target object (or whatever it is). Now simply right-click somewhere in your map and select Edit >>> Paste >>> Here from the right-click menu. You might have to rotate your object using either the actor rotate tool or simply Ctrl+RMB in one of the viewports. Also double-check the properties of the object you copied to see if they match what you're after.