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where are the player models?

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    where are the player models?

    where are the player models located in ut2004 directory

    I believe they're all locked away in the ukx files in the animations directory.

    I also don't think it's possible to modify/export them, so there really isn't much point looking for them


      Playermodels have multiple files that make them up.

      .UPL files are in /system .. These are the models themselves. But these are useless without:

      .UTX files, the textures that are mapped on the model. Without a texture your model would be invisible. They go in /textures. Then there are:

      .KA files. /karmadata. Every playermodel must hace a karma file, which tells the engine how the model ragdolls. Many models share karma files though.

      .UKX files .. These you find in /animations. UKX files detail the various animations that a model can perform. Walking cycles, firing moves, jumps, taunt animations, etc etc.

      Some models have even more files. .U for example, that go into /system. I don't know what .U does, though.

      There are .INT files as well, detailing usually species statistics for the models.


        The model data is actually stored in the .ukx file along with animation data (the .upl is just the bot player description and configuration file which specifies which models, skins, species type are used for bots)

        The .u files for some player models may include custom voice packs (a lot of the Halo mod models come with these).

        If you do want to modify them, or create custom skins for them, the raw .psk files are included on the UT2004 install CD6(?) and the DVD discs or they can be downloaded. Milkshape can import these, I think max and maya may have plugins as well.