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Custom Voicepack Tutorial [Unfinished 29.8.2005]

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    Ok. We have a shiny, new uax file. Now what?

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    include the fact that the server has no ANTI TCC! >>

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    Yes, hopefully they will. But the Server may have to support them. (Please post if you know more on this)

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    Will I be able to use these online too?

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    The format depends on what programs you own. Best would be .wav though, like Punisher said.

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    in order to make them UAX, before import, they must be .wav.

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    Could you tell us what format the files they need to be in.
    EagleEyes (TG|EagleEyes, now j-X MysTikal)

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    Advanced Voicepacks

    Placeholder post

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  • Custom Voicepack Tutorial [Unfinished 29.8.2005]

    In this Tutorial you will learn to create custom Voicepacks of your own. It is based on Windows XP Home with UT2004 Patch 3355. Should be ok with all others though. Hope it's usefull, and have fun / be bored reading.

    [info] Boxes are a bit Off-topic, and you can skip them if you have some experience with UT2004 / Ued / Windows or whatever.

    I made this on a "request" from Chrizz, wich you will find Here

    I used This Tut by Turtle49, but i made it more beginner friendly, UT2004 (Ued version 3.0) compatible and More detailled / easier readable.

    Sound Files Setup

    Before we start a voicepack, we'll need to know what sounds we want to use. When we have all the needed sounds, we can begin.

    [info] What sounds do i need / Using Ued for sound Browsing?!
    Skip this part if you already have all the sound files you need. Also skip it if you know how to use ued. If you want to skip it, go to the Red Line. I recommend reading it though, as it contains lots of Information.

    To find out what sounds we would need, let's start Ued 3.0. (For the more experienced users: Start Ued with the "-nogamma" Parameter, wich will stop it from being too bright)

    For anyone who doesn't know what Ued is, it's the "Unreal Editor", that is used to create Maps, compile Scripts, Create some meshes, and export animations.

    But now lets get fixed on the Sounds.

    Once Ued has loaded, you'll see lot's of bars. The bar on the left is used for Mapping, and also the 4 Viewports are. Let's ignore them for now and focus on this bar:

    The buttons in that order are:

    New Map - Create a new map, is used for mapping
    Open Map - Open a Map File
    Save Map - Save Map File
    ---Those are used for mapping---

    ---You know those already from any other program---

    Search for Actors - Used for Mapping

    Actor Class Browser - Search for Actors (used for Mapping and modding) and view the "Code" of the Files.
    Group Browser - Create and Modify Groups, you won't need that
    Music Browser - Open .umx files (this won't be nesscairy, because UT2004 Uses .ogg files)
    Sound Browser - We'll be working with this most of the time in ued. It's used to open, listen to and modify the UT Sound Packages. The windows Sound file Extension for UT sound Files is .uax, you can find your Sound Files in your "UT2004/Sounds" Folder. More about how to use it later.
    Texture Browser - The "Skins" or "Pictures" that you see ingame can be viewed, modified, in- and exported here.

    Mesh Browser
    Prefab Browser
    Static Mesh Browser
    Animations Browser
    ^ All above are used for differen't use of differen't meshes ^

    The Sound Browser

    Click on the "Sound Browser" Button to start the Sound Browser... (Pretty obvious, huh?)

    Well, the Sound Browser looks like this:

    Again we have differen't buttons. I'll explain them again....

    Toggle Dock Status - Is used to make all Windows Tabbed - or not

    Open Package - Open a .uax File
    Save Package - Save the Current Package as an .uax file

    Properties - Advanced Options, you won't need theese
    Load Entire Package - Loads the whole package. When Selecting a Package, not all Sound Sequences are loaded, but only a few "Samples". This will load ALL of those sequences. (Spelling?!)

    Play - Play the selected Sequence
    Loop - Toggle if the Sound should be repeated

    Stop - Stops the Sound Playing

    Under that bar, there's a Dropdown Menu. This is the Package selection, and it should be set to "2k4MenuSounds"
    Under that you'll have another bar, nameley the Group Selection. And on the Left of that there is a Button called "All". If you activate it, it will ignore Groups, and show you all Sounds.

    Okay, we open the Package called "AnnouncerMale2k4". There are 2 ways to do that. First is select "AnnouncerMale2k4" from the Package Dropdown Menu. Second would be pressing the "Open Package" Button and selecting that Package from your "Sounds" Folder. So in this case you would open "AnnouncerMale2k4.uax"

    It's always better using the second method, because the first will not load all packages in your Sounds Folder, and it will not load all sounds of each package, so you'll have to press "Load Entire Package" every time you want to see more sounds. It only shows the "standard" Packages. In the Second, it will load the entire package, and you can see all packages. So i prefer going with the second...

    Okay, now we can see lots of Words in the Sounds Browser:


    Theese are all Sound Sequences. You can play a sequence by:
    1. Double-Clicking it
    2. Selecting it and hitting the "Play" button

    The first is easier and faster. You can also set repeat [ON] and cycle through the sounds using your Arrow keys.

    Now go through some of theese announcer sounds. "Godlike", "HeadShot" and so on.

    Well, now we know the Editor, we know what sounds exist. Go search for some Cool sounds on the internet, or create your own.
    If you know any good Scources for this type of files, please Post or PM me, and i'll list them here. Thanks!


    This will be completed later. Sorry for not completing it yet, but i don't have enough time right now.