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Animated Gifs Tutourial Part 2 (Demos --> Gifs) / Movie Making Tutorial

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    Animated Gifs Tutourial Part 2 (Demos --> Gifs) / Movie Making Tutorial

    In this tutorial you will learn how to make Animated Gifs, or Small Movies.

    Before taking this Tutorial, you should go Here (Part 1 of my Gifs Tutorial). You can also skip it, if you know how to Change keybinds, and know most of the basics.

    Well, first we need to add some binds.

    Key Bindings

    Insert=fixedfps 30|dumpframes start
    Delete=dumpframes stop|fixedfps

    Those were already from the first Part. Now the New ones:


    Demorec will start recording a Demo.
    Stopdemo will stop it.

    If you know what a Demo and / or Dumpframes is, and what ServerPackages are, then you can Skip the Info Part

    ***Info Part***

    [info] What is a Demo?!
    A Demo is a recording of a Match, or of parts of it. It is NOT a Movie. It saves the Location of the Player at every frame, and when you play a recorded Demo, it Renders the Characters and Actions using the Game Files. This means: If you record a Demo with a Mutator enabled, you will need the Files of that Mutator to Play the Demo. Same goes for Maps.

    In your UT2004.ini there are a few lines like following:


    All Packages included in theese lines will be required to play a Demo. If you record a Demo with "JailBreak" in your ServerPackages, and you give the Demo to a friend, your friend will need "JailBreak" to Watch it. If you install a Mod Using an umod / ut4mod File, the installed Packages will be automatically added to the ServerPackages.

    [info] ServerPackages are the Files, that are Pushed to the Client when connecting to a Server.

    If you record a Demo, with a Mutator enabled, that is not in the ServerPackages, you will get Problems. So if you want to use any Mutators/GameTypes in your Demo, you have to add them to the ServerPackages. Not all Mods Require it, but let's do it to be sure.
    How about the Clone Bandits Mod for an exemple. The Clone Bandits Mod Uses following Files:

    So now we add this to the ServerPackages:
    Under the very last ServerPackage you add this


    Now you save your UT2004.ini

    That was some info on Demos.

    [info] What is DumpFrames?!

    Dumpframes is a method of Making a Video, by Capturing every single Frame as a Screenshot. This is something else than Demo Recordig. Demo recording saves the Movement and Location, and plays that. Dumpframes Saves the Current Picture and dumps it as a BMP File in your "UT2004/Screenshots" Folder.

    You can also create Movies by pressing the "Create AVI" Button in the "Community->Demos" Menu. But Dumpframes gives you the Full quality, and you can decide, wich parts should be saved.

    Alternativeley you can also use an external Program like Fraps ( to capture the Video (this is easier, and will be explained more later).

    ***End Info Part***

    Well, now we have completed the INI settings, let's load up UT2004. In the Settings Tab, set all settings down a bit, so it runs totally smooth on your Machine.

    Select all the Mutators, Mods, settings that you want and load up a Map. Press the Button, that you assigned the "Demorec" Command to, wich would be Page Up in my case.

    Recording the Demo

    Now your Demo is being recorded. Move as you like.

    Now for exemple, let's have a Trick Jump Video. Our Map is DM-FnG-Traininggrounds. Press Page Up (Demorec) and start Moving. Jump around, and when you're finished, you press Page Down (Stopdemo)

    INI Setting:
    In the [XGame.xPlayer] Section of your User.ini there is a Setting Called "bAutoDemoRec", wich has the Default setting "False"
    If you set it to true, UT2004 will record a Demo every mach. This will only work for online matches though.
    WARNING: Demos take up LOTS of space on your Hard disk!
    With this you can record everything, and if you make some cool frags online, you have the Demos.

    If you're finished with your Demo, Close UT2004.

    Now your demo is in your "UT2004/Demos" Folder.

    Capturing the Frames (into a Video File)

    Some Commands that you might need:
    • ToggleScreenShotMode - This removes the HUD, type again to show your HUD
    • HideHUD - This removes the HUD, but still keeps the XHair; type again to show the HUD

    Note: (Theese commands are non-Case sensetive, so "SHOT"="shot"="Shot"="ShOt")

    Removing the HUD

    The commands above are used to remove the HUD. But if you want to keep the death messages, but remove the rest, you'll need to use this special Trick. Thanks to angelofdeath from Unreal.IE for this. You need to Download this file: (553 Bytes)

    Drop the "Invisible.utx" into your "UT2004/Textures" folder.

    Then backup your "" that is located in your "UT2004/System" Folder. After that open it up, and search for the line called 'NowViewing="Now viewing"' in the "[HudBase]" Section.

    Replace that line with this: 'NowViewing=" "'.
    Also replace 'FontArrayNames[4]="UT2003Fonts.FontEurostile17"' with 'FontArrayNames[4]="invisible.invisibleBasic"'. Save the file and exit.

    When you start UT2004, and you select a demo (read the part under this to understand it better) and when the demo is running, you press "-" a few times, untill the HUD is gone. You can also remove the Game chat, by opening the Options, going to the HUD tab, and setting the Maximum Chat count to "0"
    View Image

    Here are some exemples of how the HUD would look. It keeps the TAM Elements (You might be able to remove those in the TAM Options though).
    Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

    Now we have a Demo, but we don't want to release a Demo. And not all people have UT2004, so they can't all watch it.

    Well, we want to have an AVI Video. There are different ways to get that.

    I'll explain them here:


    This is already explained in the Info Part above. It is a Function, that is built into the UT2004 Engine. There were problems, because of the Variable speed, but the newest Patch 3355 and i think also 3339 have this fixed. You can make the Fps (Frames Per Second) and the speed of the Movie constant by using the "fixedfps x" (replace x with the fps that should be constant) command.

    Dumpframes is the Most Professional Way to Create a Video File from a Demo. It gives the Best quality, but it's complicated. If you don't understand it, try using an other Method.

    Using DumpFrames
    I suggest Clearing your "UT2004/Screenshots" Folder before using this method. Also put your Settings to the Maximum
    Load up UT2004, Go to the Community Menu and select the Demos Tab. Select the Demo that you want to convert to an AVI and Press "Play Demo"
    When the Demo starts playing, you can Pause and remove the HUD.
    Now Resume and set the Camera Angle. All you have to do is wait for the Part that you want in the Movie. When you want to start Dumping the Frames, just press the "fixedfps 30|dumpframes start" Key (Insert for me).

    Now the Picture will probably slow down, and you'll have a slideshow. UT2004 is now Saving every single frame as a BMP File in your "UT2004/Screenshots" Folder.

    Go and have a cup of tea, and when you come back it's hopefully finished. Don't have a cup of tea, if you want the Movie in 3rd Person View, or Free Camera. You'll need to rotate the Camera around the Player the whole time, so the Angle stays good.
    Tipp: If Rotating around the Player Model, try moving as slow as possible, to make it look smooth later.

    When you want to stop dumping, press the "dumpframes stop|fixedfps" Key, wich would be Delete in my Case. When Dumping has stopped, close UT2004.

    Now we have Tonns of BMP Files in our Screenshots folder. What we need to do now is create a Video File from our single Frames. To do that we need VirtualDub. Download it at (Direct Download 1.6.8). Install it.

    Now load it up, and select "File" --> "Open" or press [Ctrl + O]

    Navigate to the "UT2004/Screenshots" Folder, and Select the First Pic. Make Sure that in the Bottom Left "Automatically load linked Segments" Is checked. This has to be checked!

    Now Click OK, and VirtualDub will load all frames.

    Press "Video" --> "Filters" or [[Ctrl] + [F]] to open the Filters Dialogue. Now click on the "Add" Button and select the Desired Filters. You can set filter settings and you'll have a Preview Window for each filter. Just try them out


    Brightness / Contrast
    This is used, if you want to darken the Movie down, or lighten it up.

    Flip Horizontally / Vertically
    You want to flip it? No Problem!

    No colours at all

    HSV Adjust
    Modify the Colours

    Inverts the colours (Black --> White ect) wich gives you a Negative effect

    Insert a Logo into the Video. You can also make it slightly transparent.

    Motion Blur
    Cool effect

    When you're finished with effects, you Press F7, or go to "File" --> "Save as AVI"

    Now you have to while VirtualDub Creates the AVI Video File. When it's done, you can close vdub and go to the Next step (Editing your Video)


    Well, those Dumpframes were complicated. Let's try something more simple. Here's the Fraps Variante.

    First of all you'll need Fraps, get it here:

    Fraps is a Free Video Capture Tool. Actually it is commercial, the shareware version can 'only' record 30 Seconds Max, and it will add a 'Fraps Watermark' to the Video, wich is an "Advert", saying that you used Fraps. The advantage of Fraps is, that it's easy to use, and it records sound.

    Now let's set it up, after installing it, load up Fraps, and you'll see a roundish window, and a symbol of a Computer screen with a '99' on it. Set it up as you like, Use the keys that you want.

    When Finished setting up, minimize it. Fraps will now be in your System Tray.

    Now just as in the DumpFrames Method, Load up UT2004, change your settings to the Maximum, Select the Demo you want to Convert, and Press "Watch Demo"

    When the Demo Playback Starts, pause, Remove the HUD if you want, and set the Angle, if in 3rd Person View.

    Now You need to type Following: "FixedFps 30" wich will make the recording run smoother. (Thanks, Eclips!)

    After that Press your Assigned "Record Video" Hotkey, that you set in Fraps. The Playback will now slow down a little bit, but not as much as when using dumpframes. Just keep the Camera Angle right and record the Part that you want.

    When Finished recording, Press the Record key again, type "FixedFps", and Close UT2004.

    The Video File will now be in your Specified Folder, you can close Fraps, and go to the "Editing your Video" Step

    Convert to AVI Button

    This is pretty easy to use, but it takes the most time, and isn't very effective.
    Load up UT2004, Put all settings to full, Go to the Demo Selection Menu and Select your Desired Demo.

    Now press the "Convert AVI" Button.

    What you get is a Menu with differen't settings. Put those in, that you need

    Press OK, and now it will be like the Dumpframes version. Wait, and set the Camera Angle right, remove the HUD if needed.

    When Finished, just type "Quit" into the console.

    Editing your Video

    Now that we have our Video Material, we can edit it. If you have WinXP, you can use Microsoft Movie Maker, that comes with Windows XP. You can also buy a Professional Video editing Program like Adobe Premiere.

    I don't know any other free alternative, but feel free to post anything usefull.

    I'm going to show you how to edit your movie in Movie Maker.

    Start Movie Maker by Using the Start Menu, or by Clicking [Start] --> [Run] and type "Moviemk"

    Find your Movie file in Windows Explorer, and drag it into the White Part on the Left.

    Now you can drag it into the storyline at the bottom. Drag it into the first section. You can Preview it in the Preview Window.

    Now, let's add a Title: Go to "Extras" --> "Titles and Credits".

    Now add a Title, I add "Tutorial" "by eviL<3"


    And Expreiment with the Settings:

    To add music, Click Drag a Music file into the White bar.
    Now Click onto the "Timeline" Button

    Drag the Song from the White Bar into the Timeline.

    Add Credits and effects, and when you're happy with it, click [File] --> "Save Movie File, or press [Strg + P]

    Set the Save Location (Hard Drive), the Name, And let Moviemaker do the rest for you.

    More stuff, like codecs may be added later

    Hope it was helpfull!

    Animated Gifs

    Making Animated Gifs is easy, well if you took the other Tut, (this one), then this should be no Problem.

    Just use the Dumpframes Method mentioned above. When you have .BMPs in your Screenshots folder, use the UT Screenshot Convertor by Willhelms Soft to convert the Files to .JPGs.

    UT2004SC should be set up, a bit like This

    Having that done, you'll need Jasc Animation Shop 3

    Open the Animation Wizzard (Shift + A) and Select the Sizes you want. You can also select "Same as first Frame". Press "Next", and in the next step you can select anything. Next step also doesn't make any difference in this case, and in the following, you set "Time of each frame to be Displayed" to "3".

    In the Following step we need to select the Frames, that we want to import. Click on "Add Image" and now go to your "UT2004/Screenshots" Folder. Press [Ctrl] + [A]. That will select all Images in the folder. Click "Open", and then make sure, that the Images are in the correct order. In the next window, all you have to do is press "Finish"

    Now all the Frames will be imported, just like in the First Tutorial, but this time you're having Different frames; The Principle is the same though. Importing the Frames may take a while.

    When it's done, you can select "Animation" --> "Resize Animation" or press [Shift + S], and change the Size. Try setting the Percentage to 50%, 25%, 33,3% or whatever.

    When finished with that, press "File" --> "Save" And set the location. Press "Save" and the Optimization Window will pop up. Set the quality that you want, but don't set it too high, because you still need to host it somewhere.

    There are differen't free hosting sites, but i'd sugest ImageShack. [Please Suggest some more]

    I might do a more detailled version with pics of every step on request; Maybe even a Sample Movie to show the possibilties, but only if some people want it. Feel free to suggest anything.



      i'm just wondering, EviL< actually did you discover these amazing things that are rather making screenshots and movies etc?


        There was a Dumpframes Tutorial somewhere once, that i read, explained a few things about virtualdub too..
        about the Screenshot stuff... i read a list with all console commands, so i experimented with them. I discovered fraps somewhere, when somebody said that he made a movie with fraps, so i was interested.

        I just wanted to bring this stuff to the community, because i have some experience with it. I hope it's not too hard to understand. Post any questions





            Le Bump....


              Nice eviL<3. I hope you keep this usefull stuff in your sig



                I hope people Also read it, and use it!


                  i'm sure they use just tha tthey may not tell that they are using..haha...your screenshots tutorial was really usefull...i had 30 shots already


                    Le bump deux

                    Another great tutorial, eviL - Great work!


                      Originally posted by elusivex
                      i'm sure they use just tha tthey may not tell that they are using..haha...your screenshots tutorial was really usefull...i had 30 shots already
                      So True


                      Thanks! Use it!


                        Originally posted by eviL<3
                        So True


                        Thanks! Use it!
                        Don't worry eviL I'll be using it. Video editing/creation is one of my hobbies anyway so now I'll do a few UT related ones

                        Thanks again :up:


                          Cool! Let me know from your work!


                            eviL<3, you should also include the 'FixedFPS30' command in the Fraps section, makes it much smoother if you are having problems with the FPS.


                              Thanks for that info, Eclips!