The goal of these forums is for fans of Unreal Tournament 2003/4 to discuss the game and help new players out by answering their questions. To that end, two new rules are going into effect immediately:

1. Answering someone's question by telling them to use the search function isn't very nice, and if the person isn't familiar with the forum software, not very useful. If you know the answer, share it! Otherwise don't post.

2. Everyone wants to increase the UT2003/4 player base. Calling new players “noobs” or the 100 other variations of that word isn't going to make them feel very welcome. Again, we want to grow the number of UT players, not insult them for expressing an interest in the game.

Both of these rules will be enforced using the Warning Level system. Let's all try to make these forums a useful destination for new players and help increase their enjoyment and understanding of this outstanding game.