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    Bot info needed

    Has anyone written a guide to Bots in the game?

    I just recently got the retail version, after playing "instant action" a lot in the demo, and I'm working my way through the ladders. I play local only and don't plan on using it online for quite awhile yet.

    The bots on my team have various roles I can put them in, like Roam, Support and Offense. Anyone have descriptions of these modes?
    They also have various stats, like Agility and Accuracy. Which ones matter the most, for which role and/or scenario?

    Surely, someone has written about this before, but I can't seem to find anything... A link would be awesome!

    Most people seem to hate bots and the ladders, so you might not find a guide about them.

    Roam means they just go fight anyone they see, Offense means they try to score (whether that means getting more frags or capturing the flag), Defense means they will defend your flag or goal or whatever or avoid getting killed more than fragging in TDM.

    I find that putting bots with high accuracy and low tactics or agility on support is nice. They will then follow you around and shoot anyone who attacks you, doubling your firepower, and sometimes drawing the heat off of you.
    Put bots with high agility on offense for games where they may be trying to score, like BR or CTF. Put them on defense on games where you want to avoid teamdeaths (TDM, especially instagib). That will prevent them from making you lose before you can rack up the frags.
    Bots with high tactics are good for DOM. I ususally put them on auto-assign so they can go where they are most needed. High tactics bots also make pretty good defenders.
    Those are just my opinions and observations, so they are no way definitive. I did beat the ladder twice, once on Skilled and once on Adept though

    Mostly just play with the most expensive ones you can afford (that still suit your taste). They won't help you win, but they won't make you lose at least. :haha:

    Also using the chat menu and selecting orders (or maybe commands) you can reassign the bots to different roles during the match. You can also use the voice chat option. There should be some documentation on that somewhere, cause I read about it and tried it (pretty neat), but I don't have a link off the top of my head. Try looking in the manual for specifics on that.

    Good Luck in the ladder, it gets progressively harder. :up:
    And don't be afraid of online play, there are some great games out there waiting for you to join them.



      When you can, do a bloodrites on Iron Guard (Brock's team) and get Lauren, she's awesome in all respects. And later in the game, characters like Brock, Xan, Malcolm are added to the free pool.


        Thanks for the replies, it's enough info to give me a good idea about how the bot stuff works, at least. Pretty much what I expected, though you did give me some new ideas to think about.

        I'm not planning to avoid online forever, just want to get my personal skill up much higher first.'s a slow process. I figure by doing the ladders, it will give me a bit of experience in a lot of different maps and game types. Experience I'll need to last more than just a few minutes in a real online match. I'm getting pretty good with all the weapons except the shield gun and the assault rifle so far. Though, I keep popping the combo shot early on the shock rifle. Also, I still need LOTS of work on movement!

        The ladders really surprised me, with the difficulty curve they have. I started out with it set to "average" and was smoking all the early stuff. However, it appearently moves the skill level up automaticly. Not sure it is based strictly on how high up the ladder, or maybe how well the player is doing? But, when they started refering to the opposing team as "tough", they sure meant it! Well, maybe not for you guys, but they kick my butt.

        I'll keep practicing and get it all down. Just gonna take some time is all...


          Yeah, the ladders do get pretty hard further along. I think when I did it on adept the last fight was pretty much a Godlike bot.

          As for advice on movement, try loading an instant action map with "specify number" of bots set to 0. Then go into third person, using f4 (the default key I think) and watch how your character does the jumps and walldodges. It can help you to pull them off when you're in first person, because you still have the image of how the character does it in your mind.

          I hope to see you online sometime



            Another good idea! Thanks again.