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LAN connection works only one way?

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    LAN connection works only one way?

    Here's my wireless setup:

    WRT54G (router)--> WRE54G (extender) --> WMP54G (PCI Card)

    My brother and I recently roomed together and we have been playing online for a while now. We have setup a Listen server with the good computer (my computer that runs really good) which is hooked up directly to the router. When my brother tries to connect to my game through the LAN connection it just hangs on "Connecting to ...." and never actually connects.

    If we set it up backwards (PCI card computer as the Listen server) and I connect to his computer we connect fine. The problem here is, his computer isn't fast enough to handle both the game and the server functions so on his end it is virtually unplayable.

    I dont want to go through the hassel of switching harware if this is just a software problem, so ANY help would be appreciated.

    Firewalls are disabled
    Port forwarding 7777,7778,7787, 28902
    Block WAN request disabled
    2 copies of the game with original CD Keys