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Once again recruiting.

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    Once again recruiting.


    Thank you for your interest. This thread is now obsolete. We'll post a new one when we're looking for people again.


    Ahhh yes, the good ol' recruiting threads ^^

    Indeed, if you're looking to play on a team of some nice people, you're welcome to come have a go at us. Here at Fudge, we take UT as a game..and that's it. We don't considering winning life or death..(although Sundae can get agitated in close TAM games ) and we're just here to play Unreal Tournament and enjoy ourselves.

    As he said, we have plenty of people on the team willing to teach if you're willing to learn, and we have some expertise in a little bit of everything. Wanna learn TAM? Contact [FDG]Sickle. For DM and TDM, come to me, or Sundae. If ONS is your game, Caramel[FDG], ChocKILLate[FDG], or [FDG]E_Wudgey can help you out, and so on and so forth ^^ So check out the website if you're interested

    Hope to see some of you fine people in game, add *[FDG]* to your buddy list and drop in on us and introduce yourself, don't be shy =), chances are you'll be accepted with open arms so long as you're not a douche bag. =P



      Bumping us again.

      We've had a few people stop by, and everyone's welcome to come play! Hope to see ya!


        played a bunch of you guys in TAM last night, great fun
        really good bunch


          Thanks vander, glad you had fun ^^

          Bump bump bump!

          We're still recruiting guys! Our website is down due to some uber - lame issues with our provider, so if you're interested, add the tag to your buddy list, and find us in game!


            add the tag followed by a * to your buddy list, or it won't show up.