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    serious help/advice needed

    hey, i have been playing the UT series a good 5 years now, and since switching to ut 2k4 almost a year ago, i have been having real trouble with my aim, making adjustments to the new weaopns and movements came pretty quickly, the fov, mouse sensitivity and crosshair are the problems.
    for the crosshair i have heard of people using upside down L shapes, which i would love to try - if i could find which crosshair pack they have. my main problem however lies with the fov and mouse sensitivity, everything i try just feels wrong ( fov) a low fov makes everyone spin around me, and a high one makes it hard to hit people with hit scan weapons. i see all these experts aiming relly well with shock , performing moving shock comboes with ease and always hitting with shock and lightning, without taking a single hit themselves, inquire as to their fov for advice, and most have really hard ones to get used to. does any1 have any help for me, i really need it, ive been practicing for ages and tried nearly everything but just cant seem to get comfortable, i want to be able to aim hitscan with ease, but not get torn apart on combat, ive already tried switching between two fov and sensitivities, didnt work for me well, any tips help advice = very appreciated, and one last thing, when and how use ful, are lightning and shock primary? i think im trying to use them 'to' much, i particularly play dm-rankin.


    I never had a prob with the new controls for ut2004 and believe me must people who aim so well and hardly get hit almust 9 out of 10 cheat so i woulded worrie.


      i cant find any fov or mouse sens comfortable


        Get your crosshair goodness here :up:


          My FOV is 100 and mouse sensitivity is 2. It works well for me. I've been getting pretty good with LG lately as I've been practicing a lot with it. Hit lots of shots while on the move and getting a surprising number of headshots (surprising at least for me). Lots of times I'll hit 2 out of 3 body shots for a kill while both me and the target is moving. Then there are some days where I can't seem to hit anything.

          I think you just need to get something you're mostly comfortable with and then sticking with it. As for crosshairs, I use the standard crosshair but double in size and bright yellow. Again this is just something I've become accustomed to using, not out of any special preference other than that the standard crosshair didn't stand out enough for me against the backgrounds.

          I still have lots of work on the shock combos but I haven't been practicing as much with that as with the LG.


            Originally posted by Richyb
            I never had a prob with the new controls for ut2004 and believe me must people who aim so well and hardly get hit almust 9 out of 10 cheat so i woulded worrie.
            I am sorry sir but you are *wrong* and adding to the hype that there are millions of cheaters out there - there are many many many ppl out there with incredible aim, don't shoot them down in flames when you have no idea

            to threat starter: m8 the only way is to play and to play and to play

            my fov is 100 and sensitivity is 1 - hitscan rocks and in close I can *still* turn quick enough to land the flak at your feet and that only comes from doing it a lot

            say it with me: muscle memory

            so the answer and the only answer is: find the fov and sensitivity that you are comfortable with and then play play play

            have fun


              I said must people who aim so well and dont get hit cheat. I play online and i only notic one maybe 2 like that hardly millions is it.:noob:


                I might have misunderstood you


                aimbotting doesn't make it hard to hit anyone - they just hit you first!


                idiots are they and clueless at life to boot

                enough said



                  cyghost, 2 things, how do u aim ur hitscan, do u wait till crosshair lands on enemy, like while their strafing hold it near them wait for them to walk in2 it and then fire, or try and aim at where they are at that moment, also how in HELL do u fight in close combat like that :X u must move the mouse loads, or have mouse accel on?

                  oh any tips for doing moving shock comboes? and when should you use shock primary, lightning primary, or switch to a close weapon, particularly on dm-rankin? ur help is MUCH appreciated


                    man! under the General Duscusion there was an awesome threat that explained it beautifully - too drunk to get it now

                    will do so for you in the morrow

                    but basicly it is a combination of three things

                    1) fire when the cross hair is on target (sometimes instinctive)

                    2) fire when the target crosses your cross hair (planned)

                    3) twitch fire (hard to explain but basicly you fire as you twich the crosshair on target) meaning you FIRE as you move the MOUSE on the target

                    the last can be amazingly acurate but is hard to explain in words - you get a good idea when you watch two really good players go at it

                    I'll get you that thread when I am sober tomorrow and you are still interested...

                    as to moving combos - believe it or not - that is just practise practise and practise and if you miss more practise


                      Originally posted by Richyb
                      I never had a prob with the new controls for ut2004 and believe me must people who aim so well and hardly get hit almust 9 out of 10 cheat so i woulded worrie.

                      You hax to the max! Put your aimbot away you cheater!
                      Please do not be the guy that calls everyone that beats them a hacker, there are plenty of those already... it's almost worse than actually cheating. There really are very few people that cheat in ut2004, I've seen 3 and I've been playing since the game first came out (and I mean playing a lot, probably about 2000 hours by now).


                        Lethargy If that makes you feel good i hope you enjoyed it.


                          Chaos, I was in your rut less then a few months ago. But now, I'm able to dodgejump into the main room on GrendleKeep, spot someone and shoot them immediately. And my aim is an average of 20-22% (up from 14-8%, lol).

                          First of all, you gotta forcemodel to bright ol Gorge (so you can always spot people, even in the shadows a mile away). Unless you are playing on utcomp servers, in which you have brightskins (but even then, I suggest you forcemodel to someone, so someone with a bizzare model doesn't throw off your aim).

                          As for crosshair, I'm still trying to find the best one myself. Although I'm using a dot with a black outline atm, lots of people swear by this. I also had success with an upsidedown L shape, this helps if you're doing a lot of movement (which you should) and works at almost any range.

                          A really good trick is to actually play without a crosshair for a while. It becomes instinct then and you react instantly to enemy movements (close range spam goodness here). Give it a try.

                          Playing instagib can help, even if it's not your favourite gametype. You're living, breathing hitscan that way. Plus, you'll learn how to dodge sniper fire (cause you're dead if you don't).

                          Finally, practice. About 150 hours should start to get you results and there's no getting around it. Keep practicing and trying new things and eventually, it will come.



                            Originally posted by Richyb
                            I said must people who aim so well and dont get hit cheat. I play online and i only notic one maybe 2 like that hardly millions is it.:noob:
                            actually the people that cheat usually have no skills in terms of movement and as a result are easy to hit as long as somebody else is closer (thus taking precedence by the aimbot).

                            as for not a lot of cheaters... well... there seems to be an eb and flow... few months ago we'd get 1 or 2 a week on our server... lately hardly any (in terms of what is caught by antiTCC). where you'll find them is on demo servers. a lot of people don't play on demo servers which is why a lot of people don't see cheaters. i'd be willing to bet Lethargy doesn't play on too many demo servers.

                            since early 2003, i have seen maybe 4 or 5 botters on standard servers and 4 or 5 on demo servers. i've probably played 500 hrs on antitcc servers for every 1 hr on a demo server.

                            as for aiming... well i love the circle w/dot in the center for LG and shock. mostly strafe shots and twitch shots. a lot of hitscan aiming is how good your reflexes are which unfortunately is often a natural skill and not an acquired skill. what i'm saying is you will reach a maximum ability at which point you will no longer be able to get any better. IMO.



                              i would say i always have to aim where the person is going to be because i have such a ****ty ping poor old me LOL

                              On a good point im really good at predicting people now