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jumps on DM maps

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    jumps on DM maps

    who could tell me how to perform the jumps to get the redeemer on DM-ironDeity from the 100 shield spot and the 100 shield on DM-Asbestos from the platfrom?
    i've tried dodge jump but every time i miss from a few.Dodge jump works fine 4 DD on Dm-Flux but on these 2 maps i can't find the trick
    i think i ain't alone cuz i saw many peeps trying these 2 over and over,some r good players but on asbestos they still do same as me they use the pillars

    It's just a dodge jump, keep practicing and experimenting and you'll get it.


      can't help with Iron Deity - have no idea

      but Asbestos! yah, crazy that one - took me forever in UT2003 to master and then over again in UT2004

      just run straight at shield and dodge then jump at *last* second

      also try to get as close to the edge as possible before jumping

      (so don't try at an angle untill you have it down pat)

      you can also get up there from the stairs on either side with an angled dodge jump - could do that sweet in 2003 but struggled the few times I played it in 2004 - not a map I play a lot

      so like Lethargy said - no real trick to it, just keep at it and soon its is second nature and you can't believe you ever struggled


        Thxs 4 help
        gonna keep on practicing


          In Iron-deity you run to the end of the ramp past the 100 shield and dodge-jump straight ahead to the wall edge across you. Then you get on top of one of those high thingies there and dodge-jump over to the redeemer. Takes some practice, and its **** annoying when you dont make it and have to go back to the lift and go over it again lol