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February 2015 Unreal Development Kit (UDK) Available for Download

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    February 2015 Unreal Development Kit (UDK) Available for Download

    This new UDK release introduces support for 64-bit iOS apps, iPhone 6/6+ resolutions, and general bug fixes. It was compiled with the iOS 8.0 SDK.

    New Features
    • Windows signing support for 64-bit fat binaries
    • PhysX and Scaleform 64-bit iPhone support
    • General iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Air 2 support updates
    • Updated iPhone 6 splash screen

    • General landscape fixes in iOS 8
    • Fixed issues to meet new App Store submission requirements
    • Implemented fix for code signing error with fat binaries
    • Fixed an issue with cooking packages without TextureFileCache
    • Added CFBundleShortVersionString to UDK plist files

    Click here to download the latest release.

    Thanks Sean.I hope that when new ios versions come out in the future you coud still keep udk updated.Adleast for the ios part.
    By the way.On the udk page i see this--------------We are not shipping updates to UE3.
    I hope that this wont relate to ios but still thanks for the effort!People will be happy.

    One more thing.I cant seem to see for download older udk builds.Are they deleted?


      Tweaking the 2015 download link confirms some of the older versions are available (for now anyway) :-



        anyone know if the ios vehicle instant crash has gone?


          DX11 + Tessellation still makes my graphics card driver crash after a few minutes of play


            - 8 hrs + Download for a <2gb file ?, sunday 6pm hmm i shouldn't be throttled what's up?
            FGreat to see UDK activity thanks for that, hopefully this will be a more stable version than using 2010...

            I Would like someone to confirm if this release is the best one yet. No point downloading 2gb if it's inferior to previous versions


              Downloaded without problem but still havent tryed it.Chosker,can you tell me the model of your gpu and os version?Just curious.


                Re-posting this here for the Epic folks to see:

                Everything seems great, except that the Facebook Dialog is in the wrong orientation. Can this be fixed somehow?


                The iOS .ipa's seem to have gained an extra 20mb. I assume this is due to supporting 64bit iOS Apps?


                  TKBS: for PC development it feels exactly like the previous release. the 64-bit stuff is only relevant to iOS/OSX but not PC

                  majic: it's a Geforce GTX 970 and I'm using windows 8.1, but the same happened with my now-deceased GTX 560 Ti
                  and there's also the guaranteed instant crash that happens when I use alt vertex weighting + PNTriangles tessellation


                    This UDK will not install on my Windows 7 64bit OS, tried all compatibility modes and downloaded several times, the udk splash screen loads up but then disappears then nothing happens. unable to test checksum of exe because the md5 isn't shown. anyone else having this issue?


                      good news
                      Thanks EpicGames


                        HI Douglas,

                        I've installed the latest build OK on my Win7, 64 Bit PC. Sorry I don't have any suggestions of things to try. I'm up to date with all Windows patches - except the KB2670838 platform update which I've needed to avoid installing for about 2 years now as it totally kills the UDK editor. However, that update has never stopped my install from working.

                        I've not ported my game into the new build yet to test for other problems; might do that next week.

                        The MD5 of the file I downloaded is: 790744C95A74626E7C381CCF13C88F9D



                          Originally posted by Sean Palomino View Post
                          • Fixed an issue with cooking packages without TextureFileCache
                          Woot! This is the issue we've been wrestling with for months! Downloading now, hopefully this sorts stuff out for us!


                            @ Chosker

                            - Thanks for your reply.
                            GPU related Q:

                            @ jeepRubi:
                            - the issues you speak of, could you not just enable filecache in the "UDK.Engine.Ini" file? (to resolve the issue?)



                              can anyone tell me what the exact resolutions are for the iphone 6 and 6+ . not the phones resolution but the resolution which udk runs when it plays on the device. My UI detects the resolution its running in and scales appropriately. i dont want to find out its detecting the wrong resolution and it looks completely wrong on the device.