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[Secret Release Kind Of] August Test Build is out!

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    [Secret Release Kind Of] August Test Build is out!

    just had to dig through the forum again to find the link as it is quite buried, to make it easier to find heres a thread about it.
    (turns out its stickied in the General Development section)

    for Epic (and people developing ios games with udk) there has been an ongoing 'battle' keeping udk alive as apple change their ios versions.
    there have been 3 (so far) semi-unofficial test builds since their latest official release (feb)

    there are of course no release notes so im speculating there are no significant changes and no need to worry about it if you are making PC games.
    this is to fix issues with IOS games.

    so for anyone developing for ios who might have missed it, here is how to get the latest test build

    have fun!